Players Garages..Visiting

we should be able to see the player and the build they are working on when visiting their garage.
like their profile we can see updated changes in their build in real time…
…then work on other interactions we could do while visiting…

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I’d like a game option that allows players to all lobby in the same test area. Like a box to tick that says “private test area”. Or “open test area”


I would love a garage where people can work on the same build together. Or even work on two builds at the same time to connect them together.


I’d like the ability to play against the owner of a garage in their garage (and vice versa), sorta like a custom battle; then building in the garage range would take on more importance.

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i suggested something like this before actually. my idea was we could, as a group, visit a players garage for people like clan mates or just friends and test eachothers builds out. find strengths and weaknesses and work to better defend or guard on the build. you could build with eachother in the garage and help strengthen and point out flaws in other peoples builds. even have some fun to in the garages just for hanging out or making obstacle courses for one another to try to get past.

Have you posted it to the idea suggestion form? I’d like to be able to do this too.

i posted that idea in the old forum a long while before it got changed. sadly i dont think the devs seen it. i really want to be able to do more with my garage. being able to build more in it as well. the building in the garage right now is kinda lack luster because its so limited… the building space is so small. i wish they could make it bigger.

its an age old idea that has been brought up many times over the years. its also an obvious one so im sure the first to have this idea were the devs before launch.

what ive said in the old forum still stands: go to your garage, press f11 or whatever and acknowledge the fact that youre not actually connected to the server as your ping is 0.

now, ive heard the crossout servers aka warthunder backup servers arent doing well and they never have been great to begin with. are they going to provide servers for your garage? doubts.