Playing Rise hard: Disconnected from server due to being idde

It happened to me twice yesterday during wave 16 in Rise of Machines. Platoon of 4 good players. My build with 3 Cyclones and 2 RN Seal, firing non-stop from one of the two towers. Mechanical legs, “Bind turning to the camera” option activated.

When I’m close to breaking my score record, when I’m most focused on eliminating bots and helping my teammates, suddenly, I’m kicked out to the garage with the message “Disconnected from server due to being idde.” And the thing is, I didn’t pay attention to the 10-second warning, probably because it is the same box and type of text as the texts that appear during Rise of Machines mode.

Four players abandoned their fight to enter the Top 100 of the event, only because the programmers have not foreseen that someone can be shooting without having to press the mouse several times, and that they can be rotating left and right without pressing “A” and “D”.

Fix this problem please.