Playing skill vs building skill

The dirty secret of Crossout is that there are three factors at play when creating a build.

  1. Driving skill
  2. Building skill
  3. Library of Fused cabins, engines, and movement parts

The best hover builds have a fused +power legendary cabin, a fused + power Cheetah, 7-9 Icarus VII fused for +acceleration or hover efficiency and a fused Apollo for negative weight.

Or, a fused + power Nova, a fused +power Hot Red, and 8 fused +power or +Acceleration Efficiency Icarus IV hovers.

The difference in handling between cars that have accumulated these fuse parts and those that don’t is extreme and many meta builds are only possible with an accumulation of well fused movement parts.

For example, If you like Cyclones or Stillwinds, you need every point of energy to have 3 of them with 1 energy point for a fused Seal or Shiver. If you opt to go with 2 Cyclones or lack cooling, well, your opponents are going to have 3 Cyclones with cooling. Guess who is getting his guns shot off first? And don’t get me started on the vastly powerful support weapons available in the game. Do you like Kapkan/Trombone/Aegis/Barrier/Skinner/Spark/Flash? You are going to need your movement sorted out so you have the free energy to carry those things on a competent build. If you don’t have extra energy for these items, guess who does? Your opponent.

It is amazing, once you are an old player who has accumulated a library of fused movement parts, how much better your play is or appears to be.

A big part of Crossout skill is figuring out, in a market with thousands of parts and dead ends everywhere, what really matters to invest in and where to spend your coin to get game changing parts. For me and many other players, movement is the highest priority.

I would prioritize the following above all else:
Fused +power Nova cabin. This cabin is good for every movement part. It makes a great hover, a great spider, a great wheel build, a great track build. Whatever you are doing, you need this.

Fused + power Beholder cab. See above.

If you have other fused power cabs, those cabins can be great as well, they just aren’t as universal as a Beholder and Nova.

Neither of these cabs need a Colossus to competently run heavy power drain movement parts.

+power Colossus, Hot Red, Cheetah, Oppresssor.

Last, hit your movement parts. I like Icarus VII, Icarus IV, Hermit, Omni, Bigram and Sleipnir. Once you have a fused set of movement parts, you can use it for multiple future builds.

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I have never had a problem fighting people with higher PS due to the match maker. If we where in the wasteland someone is not going to ask your power score or be fair.

I honestly kind of like being the underdog sometimes. It makes you think instead of using brute force.

If your not the big dog in the match, then don’t act like one. Pick your fights and run when needed.

If PS is to far out I will try and engage enemy that are already busy fighting someone else. They underestimate the littler guy.

Also, this might sound odd - but I wish I could force lower PS cars into higher PS by choose. The reason for this is sometimes I will have a car that is like 14k and it was built to be a counter meta to let’s say 18k builds. So I don’t want to be matched with 10-14k - I want those juicy 17-19k hover targets.

I know you can have someone pull you up in a group, but I only solo PvP.


I know what you mean: too many of the builds I’ve made to specifically counter hovers aren’t high PS enough to end up in matches with lots of hovers.
One of the reasons I like to keep some legendary decor items around, so I can artificially boost my PS.

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Thanks for the detailed analysis. Duly noted. Looks like useful information

This is indeed an ominous challenge. This game has tons of features to consider. It’s no surprise it’s been challenging for the developers to balance it all.

My art-farting makes me an underdog already. The added weight of being pitted against players with a 40% PS advantage on top of that sinks my boat egregiously. I don’t have the skills to compensate for it at that level.

It wasn’t treating me that bad last night though, but I spent a lot of my time failing at Operation Radiance, rather than PVP. Op-Rad needs some secondary rewards, like randomly spawned goodies or something. IDK. It’s been a challenge to enjoy, and the companion VIP Pass doesn’t add much to its flavor either.

Op-Rad did lead me to the decision to go ahead and get some hovers (again), though, and that’s going to be an interesting project.

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Not sure how many you got. But even if I’m building low PS I normally at least use 5 hovers.

3 or 4 hovers are fast but unforgiving if you make an error - you can get away with it if your playing range and kiting your targets, but once you lose one of them your really messed up. 5 or more seems more forgiving.


Whoever refused them for explosion radius wins. :wink:

Couldn’t find anything in your post that wasn’t spot on so you know had to pick at something.

Well said, well thought out post.



i think it’s not a question of VS.
the two complement each other and can cover (to a certain degree) shortcomings that could arise.
It’s not Ali Vs Fraiser, it is more like having Ali, Frasier and Foreman on the same corner.

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no bro, the game totally isnt p2w! its a lie! liar!!!