PlayStation - few question

I’m just curious guys, I never try but I would like to know …
1.It possible to play m+k on ps4 ? Compatible?
2. Where crossout servers are located? Usa / Europe / Asia have different servers?
It possible to change game region?
3. I’m on ps4 and I’m wonder how ppl typing :speech_balloon: so fast on Chat at using only (4) controller?
4. As a newbe, what aspect of the game should I Fouus on first?

I apologize for my non-answers:

  1. I think so?

  2. I’m not sure. I see some people who live near me in-game fairly often, but occasionally I’ll see people I know on the other side of the world. I don’t find queue times are bad on PS4, so I don’t worry about it.

  3. I assume they have a keyboard plugged in. I have never investigated how to do this, because I have little interest in chat.

  4. I would advise you to initially focus on having a vehicle for each of the daily weapon challenges (machine gun, shotgun, cannon). Doing the challenges will help you accumulate resources, and learning to play and build for mid range, long range, and close range will help you greatly as you obtain new toys.
    Also, don’t get impatient to get high end equipment. That just means you will be facing opponents with high end guns and lots of experience. Master the lower tiers, and work your way up.
    Building techniques aren’t always intuitive at first, so don’t be afraid to download something off the exhibition and then take it apart to see how they put it together.
    Other than that, remember to hide your explosives (under the cabin is the easiest place to stash them), and protect your frame with bumpers. And when armouring guns, remember that if they interfere with your firing angles too much, you won’t be able to hit anything. Always test your builds!

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I know that its possible to conmext m+k to ps4, but it will work with crossout in ps4?
That why im writing on crossout forum. :joy::joy: