Please Add OPTIONAL Mouse Steering for All Movement Parts

THESIS: There is no reason to not implement mouse steering for all types of wheels or even track (if you are into that sort of thing) as adding even one omni-directional part like Onmi-wheels is enough to get all other default movement parts to switch to mouse steering controls.

SUGGESTION: Add a new option in settings or in a specific blueprint’s control settings (like with weapon/perk key-binds) that allows you to set your controls to: Default/A&D Key Steering/or Mouse Steering.

EXTRA: I like to play with a Gremlin/Hermes build and find myself favoring the Hermit wheels. However, I practically need to place at least 1-2 Omni’s so that I can use mouse steering, as I think it makes it much easier to stabilize my car during high-speed ramming attempts.

I wish they would add the on/off option to save it to the blueprint instead of having it hidden in settings for all builds. It would make it a lot simpler to have builds that use it or not like that.

I wouldn’t mind trying it for the rest of the movement parts but it might not work that well for all the combos as there’s some issues with oversteering.


right, to make dog builds even more utterly braindead

Glad I’m on console so that I can always use a stick to steer, no matter what mode I use.
I would hate to steer with keys. I want analog control!

can you not play with controller on pc

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