Please buff drones and turrets

Now that we know a community manager is reading our posts and passing our messages to the dev team from the forum, I think it is fitting during the droneapocalyptic to “Again” bring up the topic that most drones/turrent (besides annihilator and grenadier) need a buff.

I was hoping that this would come in this event.

+1 for drones/turrent buffs


I’d be for an ammo buff for them. The micro-factories don’t really do much even if you use a harpy with them because the ammo count is so low.

A collect or return to launch pad type of feature would be nice for them too. I.e. pick it up before the drone is destroyed and it recharges it not subtracting ammo. If we were to toss out some options that might be interesting too.


Maybe also Micro-Facotories need a major buff.


It’s not so much the micro factories fault as It’s more so they don’t work well on the low ammo counts. They do work on the larger ammo count ones though. At 4 ammo which is fairly standard for the drones 25% is only 1 extra launch, 50% with the addition of harpy is 2 launches. So if they had 8 ammo starting they would get 2 at least from a solo micro factory.

i know their going to make the excuse of “you got the new cabin that buffs the damage of drones for 7 seconds, take it or leave it” but honestly i agree that drones need a buff.
rocket drones need increased attack speed, not to mention they need to be able to do damage before being instantly targeted by enemy bots. it doesnt seem fair to me that drones get taken out so quickly before they even have a chance to do anything. turret drones are weak as hell, quad drones are taken down very quickly, fuzes have a ridiculously long reload time, rocket turrets are stupidly underpowered and a huge target also inaccurate sometimes… i honestly think some drones in general need to be reworked and given a better fighting chance against bots. and yeah definitely need more ammo. because they get destroyed so fast it should have alot more ammo then it currently does.

25% boost to ammo on a 4 count is just 1 ammo. not a whole lot there chief. :unamused:

i had suggested something similar to this. drop a drone and it has a charge on it, once the charge runs out itll fire slower and do less damage but still fire some rounds. then you can pick them back up to charge them and drop them again. i think its a fun idea but the only problem is… well if people will accept that. i call them charge drones that you can pick up but idk if the community will want them. after all from what i seen most people hate drones.

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There’s a lot of ways it could be done.

I think they hate seeing them run around at full health with zero launches left at the end of a match too. I’m not sure which they dislike more.

Micro factories could also be made to work with say picking up drone scrap (i.e. destroyed drones) left laying around the map. That’s another possibility.

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For me this is a hard no. Drones should stay a support weapon. I’m very fond of my sidekicks and hawk but I don’t rely on them. My firm opinion is that The Call cabin is the only cabin a droner should use, as it provides a HUGE power buff and a sizable resistance buff when your drones are deployed. Plus, the cheetah engine, plus R2D2 codriver, plus (if you have the ability) fusing them…drones are just fine where they are. And that’s my Smely Opinion.

Edit, this a PC player opinion


Supprt weapon need to be equal good tha other weapons too. Drone\turret is very LOW damage in time. Very low.
In overall drones and turrets need buffs here and there and more damage. Why? Because drone and turret can be counter TOO many ways.
Btw i dont have seen drone\turret player\s to long time in this game. And there is a simple answer why those do not are popular weapon systems. Drone\turret have underperformance state to LONG LONG time.
I remember game first year. That era drones\turrets is good weapons. In today many nerfs and game mechanic change ALL drones\turrets to bad weapon system what is a HARD TO PLAY AND HARD TO COLLECT POINTS in battle.

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I agree here. The word “support” should not mean “they suck”

Every energy point spent should have the same value.

As it is right now you can pretty much ignore drones and focus on someone with a real weapon.


I want to disagree with you, but yeah.

They’ll slowly wear you down if the guy using them is really good. I find the best way to use them is to get your enemy distracted by them so you or someone else can attack with a “real weapon.” The problem is most of us realize they’re not worth being distracted over.

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Just add an epic micro-factory,I have tried the blue and green drone turrets and they do perform well at low ps

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Are console ones still nerfed compared to PC? Because PC drones are fine where they are. They’re generally low risk low reward, but usable.

Please never forget to mention PC/Console on that subject, the last thing PC needs is OP Anni drones making a comeback, this game is stupid enough :pensive:

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I think this update gives the annihilator enough abilities,But in any case, missile turrets and drones need to be strengthened, especially missile turrets


It might be, not sure. If so then maybe all we need is that removed?

True :slight_smile: that’s why I mentioned that grenadier and annihilator do not need a buff in the original post :slight_smile:


Oh I’m pretty sure your drones still deal 75% damage. Somehow a couple months after doing that they rolled out their 100% autoaim bullshit that would have killed drones anyway :joy:. This drone nerf has lost its purpose years ago.

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Agreed, it was needed when it was added, but so much has changed since then.

I use drones, mainly turrets a bunch and think they are fine. A have 1 wirh 4 special turrets on a harpy with 2 genesis and a cheetah and have no issues pulling off mvp a few time per session with them

Deploying all of them at once is really bad and seems like most players use them that way also positioning the drops is really important. I generally depoy behind the enemy lines and or not right in front of a group of teammates. Dropping them next to walls/obstructions is also a good route.

Only change i would suggest is make the Anaconda 3 energy and not 4 as the ps score is already inflated over the other ground turrets


If your using the same patterning as the ammo boxes an improved micro factory would probably be at legendary rarity as the micro factory is special rather then rare like the ammo box.

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I use drones a good bit lately, and I think I’m in your camp; they’re mostly fine, but require some strategy, which is perfect IMO.

I wish my Grenadier wasn’t so lost all the time, and I wish the Call wasn’t so slow, but those are my only gripes.

I think most people’s issue with them is because they all use them the same way: launch all Hawks at the same time and drive around until they are gone, and then cloak. I’m not sorry that doesn’t work. I’m glad it doesn’t.

I like that you mentioned having some planning involved, like finding good spots to drop your turrets, rather than just dropping them off in the middle of the theater, like a lot of people do. This not only makes them an easy target for the enemy, but it also creates obstructions for your team-mates, who also need to win, right?

The thing I like the most about turrets is that they respond well to strategizing. Just pulling the trigger and waiting for them to bring you the loot doesn’t work well, but carefully placing them where they can be the most effective feels like…fishing, I think, and I get a little kick out of that…I need a Kapkan, huh? That one would juice the fishing experience pretty good.

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In low ps

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