Please fix auger/omniwheel brake lights

I know it’s not a big deal, but it is driving me nuts that brake lights are still reversed on auger and omniwheel builds.
I haven’t noticed it on other builds, but I also haven’t been playing hovers lately, so maybe they’re reversed too.

Are hover jets still going in the wrong direction?


That kinda gets under my skin too (the brake lights).

Also, since the update the mass on the wreckage (dead guys) has increased considerably and are much more cumbersome. I think they need to be lightened back up a bit.

I’m not sure about the Hovers, but I haven’t heard of any patches being introduced, so I assume it’s still bugged.

There’s a lot of small details in this update, and some from the last, that still need some polish. I’m glad there’s nothing major, but there are several minor issues. Some I think they’ll get to soon, others like the Shell-casing controversy will probably just be ignored.

I think that’s a bad habit; They just cast aside many features, treat them as irrelevant, and move on to the next big thing, always focused on the latest Battle Pass. Like, instead of improving ML-200s they introduce new legs. Instead of improving Hardened Tracks, they introduce Sleipnirs. Instead of utilizing Shell-casings or Coupons, they introduce Lighters. I could make long list of things like that…instead of fixing the Arothron, they introduce the Parser…etc.

You’re not wrong, but I will point out that ML200s got some buffs over the past year, and I find them quite playable. I actually prefer them to Bigrams, although I know that’s uncommon.

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I kinda like them better than Bigrams too. I had tried ML-200s before and could never get them to work very well. Not for long anyway, so I’m glad to hear they are more viable…but I want the new ones. Those legs. Those legs.

They are very much what many of us discussed (I think I recall that you were in on at least one of the conversations) should either happen to ML-200s as an update (in order to over come an issue with the animation of making them run faster), or should be introduced as an alternative, way back on the old forum. So, I’m thrilled to see that actually materialize (virtually of course)…and I think their sci-fi needed a little flavor. This adds a lot of flavor.

I hope they come out with a module or cab one day that allows them to jump too…anyway, I feel like many of us, not just myself, have been hoping for this new spider (water-skipper?) leg. I’m anxious to get a hold of some.

I know the obvious way to go is with an arachnid theme, but right now (could change) I’m thinking a cockroach would be even creepier and more psychologically disturbing. Imagine the Bridge teaming with cockroaches. Visually, seeing the spider like machines roaming about is thrilling, but cockroaches…IDK. That would make my skin crawl.

I can’t wait to see what other people come up with. I’ve seen a few already that are pretty spectacular, and functional too.

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I am also excited about the new legs, and it makes me feel like the devs are listening to players.
I think the reason I like ML200s more than bigrams is that they feel more stable and sturdy. If you lose one bigram on a quad build, you tip over. And when you use lots of bigrams, you get slow enough that they lose some of their speed advantage.

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I think I liked them because I usually would play teeth-clinching speedy brawlers, and when I would switch over to ML-200s it felt so very laid back and almost euphorically casual. Being the last guy to reach the battle ground was just nice for a change. The low-pitch thump of their foot-steps also seemed to slow my heart beat down a little from it’s usual high-pitched insanity and offer a little period of sanctuary from my typical anxious lunacy.

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Looks like the brake lights got fixed in some little update!
Thanks devs!
Anyone notice any other things getting fixed?

Anyone notice any other things getting broke? :slightly_smiling_face:

Now I’m curious. It wouldn’t take any big update to fix, improve, or break this game. Just some new numbers here and
there. They wouldn’t even have to be obvious numbers knowable to the community.

Personally, I think they fiddle with the features and balance more often than they let on. There weren’t any patch-notes for this update, and it wasn’t even noticeable when I logged on, for example. I’ve seen bigger patches though, ones that take a considerable and noticeable amount of time to upload, and with no patch-note.

I love it how this bug causes the Fever to light up while driving my Omni cars.
2023.06.26 001
Although brake lights, including the Fever, can be used for decoration, it should be optional, with a corresponding setting to have it on or off.

This bug can also be useful in analyzing bugs with Omni handling, such as for determining what keys were being pressed while analyzing videos in Avidemux or similar programs.