Please fix CW

The reason I’m making another thread on this topic is because I like CW and I think it adds a lot to this game. I want this game mode to improve. Unfortunately, various problems are affecting this mode that need to be addressed.

  1. Lack of participating teams: This is the biggest problem CW is facing. The player pool has gotten so small that it is unplayable for newer teams. Teams with fused Legendary and Relic tier items are occupying low Rust.

  2. Exhoribitant cost: The barrier of entry to get wins in CW is high. The triple blueprints, Leviathans, and lack of players make this mode unfriendly to everyone who isn’t a whale.

2A: Problems 1 and 2 feed into each other. Players refuse to play the mode because CW is too expensive. And the mode will only get more expensive because fewer people want to play.

2B: Leviathans are especially expensive. If a team’s Leviathan player isn’t present, they cannot play, unless they want to risk losing points on an unforgiving league and scoring system. Leviathans CW needs a major overhaul.

3: Short seasons and lack of CW sessions: The lack of CW sessions can be inconvenient for people. People work full-time and have other responsibilities. They don’t have time to play. The short seasons can be frustrating as well. Some solutions to this problem are more CW sessions per week and CW season being 2-3 weeks long instead of 1 (Uranium cap would be adjusted accordingly)

  1. Lack of incentive: Many players don’t find CW worth it. Understandably, players don’t want to go through the stress for slightly more scrap than they can obtain from PVP. PLAYERS SHOULD AT LEAST BE ABLE TO CHOOSE WIRE OR BATTERIES AS A REWARD FOR A CW MATCH Another idea would be to reward wins with Plastic and Electronics for Rust and Tin league respectively. Or some cool cosmetics (Paints, Portraits, Banners). Better rewards might give players more reason to play CW and remedy the lack of players.

And, of course, you need an active clan. My old clan refused to join CW and I never got the Uranium I wanted (I could have built a punisher!) I’d also like to see a uranium raid, perhaps. Unlock relics to the rest of the population.


As usual, you’re the one who looks at CW, sees the actual problems, and suggests a solution that works. We both know devs will do anything BUT that, so see you next year for your next thread on the same subject, I’ll upvote it too o7


I agree with this. I am in a clan that can get deep into silver and get uranium, but 3 of the four players have to have a whale account for that to happen. We can carry one person to ore, if he has a couple of good legendary loadouts at a bare minimum. He must have a rush option, either Dracos or Hammerfalls and he must have a midrange DPS option, usually Cyclones, Starfalls, Destructors, Nothungs, Arbiters or Aspects. Reapers are great, but the player must have a build that can manage the Reaper recoil and with enough energy to make use of the Reaper ability to have extra useful items, such as a Barrier 9.

He then should also have a big damage option for levi wars or other situation, usually Retchers.

Alternatively, a player should have a range option for the third slot, either a Kaiju, or fused Tsunamis/Narwhal fused for bullet speed, or Assemblers. The ranged option requires a good multidirectional movement option. Omnis and Atoms are pretty cheapt to start with.

The cooling, Seals and Shivers, have to be fused.

Once at this level, the player will get instant pressure from the match and from teamates to get an Omamori, a Pegasus and a Fin Whale.

This is the floor of who gets uranium.

I would like to see separate leader boards and rewards for CW and as you mentioned, more time frames to play.

It would also be interesting to add ore to CC. introduce ore fragments, 10 of those fragments can be fused into 1 ore, something like that. I know this could make the whales upset because it will devalue the resource slightly.

Bro they gotta stop showing the entire enemy team comp before the game even begins, what kind of game does that lol

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… pretty much every game that isn’t a shooter where everybody plays the same 100hp floating camera?
RTS games tell yo what you’re facing, MOBAs tell you what you’re facing, etc. It’s common for MOBAs to have characters who can nuke your ass from stealth in 0.5 seconds, so it’d be a disaster if you didn’t know what you’re facing. Coincidentally, XO also has stealth builds that can fuck you up in 0.5s if you’re not expecting them, so it makes a lot of sense to show you the enemy comp.

Things that stopped or turned me from wanting to play CW were:
Limited time slots - I play when I can play, I can’t move things around to participate.
Single games - I really don’t want to do best of 3’s
Lack of close PS brackets - I don’t have to worry about cost with this. I don’t have to deal with large PS difference trampling’s either.

CW Levi - I think really just needs to run as it’s own beast. It’s not something everyone can afford. I would probably suggest PS bracket it too where the levi can be a max of Y times the ps of the builds, gets E times the amount of energy… It would be a fair way to stagger the cost depending on the bracket.


“Coincidentally, XO also has stealth builds that can fuck you up in 0.5s if you’re not expecting them”

XO also has stealth builds that can fuck you up in 0.5s if you are expecting them, and shooting them, and two of your teammates are also shooting them. Granted, said stealth build will also die, but only after you do.


I love this response. You seem so frustrated that you gave up all hope. I don’t blame you. They neglected CW for years now.


Same. I work full-time, and have other hobbies and responsibilities. I don’t have as much time to play anymore. And the CW sessions don’t line up with my free time.

Combined with the 3 blueprints. It’s become inventory wars.

Restrictions amplify creativity. It would make lower-tier items more viable.

That would be the easiest solution. Leviathan CW have too many flaws. Overhauling it would be difficult.

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As I said it before, sadly the solution, while simple will probably not be pushed : More incentive to play the mode.
If you can’t reach 200 you only make the most basic resourse for a very high difficulty. And failing to gain even 1 ura can be soul crushing for players that manage to reach 160 to 180.

If they added just limited ura gains at low level that may push people to try. A solution would be to give each week :
1 ura for 5 win (once, any level)
1 ura for 5 more wins (at least rank 100)
1 ura for 5 more wins (at least rank 150)

That way even bad team would try to gain a bit of ura and play maybe 20 games to get those 5 wins. Those extra teams will make the lower levels easier and make it more fun to play at those levels. This would give a second breath to the mode.

But sadly I think that if they wanted to throw a bone to players, they would have done so already.


Exactly, they would’ve done so long ago. They don’t even wanna give Wires or Batteries as a reward for CW. It’s been 3 years since the last CW update. The mode has been hemorrhaging players for a while. And they refuse to do anything about it.

The game continues to squeeze more money out of the players. They cater to the whales while punishing everyone else.

We let them take an inch. Now they’re slowly taking a mile from us.