Please help, I need to uninstall this game

Is there no way to uninstall this game? I’ve gone through Programs and nothing is there, I didn’t get it on Steam, please help. I’ve been trying for a while now and have no idea on how to delete it

Sounds like your stuck with us, want to have some fun? I’ll only charge you a quarter kid…

Normally it’s in a folder called “games” on the C: drive. Delete the folder “C:\games\crossout”. For some reason, the “add/remove programs” function in control panel doesn’t see it. Deleting it manually might leave some keys behind in the registry; so you’ll need to delete those manually as well.

Why are you leaving anyway?

I don’t play it enough, so I’m just trying to make some space. Thank you so so much, by the way.


lol come play with us more!

There goes player retention how dairy you let them escape…

whats up with you defending this game as if it personally hurt you when people dont like it?

That one was a joke didn’t you notice the funny typo?

people dont know how to take jokes now a days lol

Dairy it’s not even a close typo… How do raisin my reason?

That’s screaming malware lmao.

I’m going to uninstall that too

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