Please help me reach developers. Sent an email while ago with no response

I used to play on PS4, have 100% trophies and now have +20,000 in coins and maybe +40,000 in parts. I have switched consoles and now play on Xbox Series X. With no Cross Save, can someone help me transfer coins? I would like to transfer all the parts too, but I am afraid it’s too much to ask. I don’t mind selling everything on the PS4 to just have coins, then transfer all the coins to Xbox. I am talkin about gold coins used on the market, I know there is multiple currencies now. but it’s been a while since I played.

Developers have this power, because the are able to gift coins to winner on all platforms. Please. I would like to get back into the game on Xbox, but the grind is too much, I grinded a lot on the PS4, I also bought many packs. I don’t mind continuing the support, but I would like to not start from zero.

Please help me get in touch with the developers, because no answer came by email.

EDIT: If the developers ever see this. i want to clarify that I am not asking for a transfer. But to gift my account on Xbox the same credits that I have on my PS4. I will upload the picture of my account.

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Crossplay may still be coming at some point. But, fact is, no one is allowed to move things from one console to another. You’re basically asking the devs to go knock on Sony’s door to say “we want you to give some your assets to Microsoft because one of our players is not happy.”

It’s not about being unappreciated as a player, it’s about business. Sony isn’t going to just give/transfer monetizable assets to Microsoft for 1 players sake.


It’s not really what I am asking for…

I am asking for a sort of work around. Verify my account on PS4, see how many coins I have and then gift me the same amount on Xbox. It shouldn’t bother them. Part of the reason the game is still alive and changed so much is because of players like me. I’ve put so many hours when the game was brand new and bought almost every pack. All these packs are gone now. Anyway, I would like to hear what the devs themselves would say to this and how they see this.

I know it’s a weird request but I know it’s possible especially if they consider how I’ve supported the game before .

They can ban both your account for just asking.

I understand what your trying to do, but this is not really the place.

Its not gonna work, u can forget it.

ditch your xbox because you have to pay to be onine and get a ps5,problem solved :crazy_face:

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Then what is the place? I used the official email support. And I got no answer. I don’t know why. Wrong email? Was put in the trash? I don’t know but an answer would have been nice.

I don’t care if they ban me. The truth is I don’t want to play on PS4 anymore and I don’t think I have the energy to grind for everything on Xbox again. I started playing again and it was fun. Sure I will level the factions again. But I am not willing to go through everything. It was A LOT of work. Just try to imagine making and crafting 60,000 worth of gold.

Anyway, I want to have an answer from devs, not users. Hopefully they can see that virtual money is virtual money, and I have given them real money and real time. I would like to continue to do so…just not from zero.

I sold the PS5. I hate it. And I hate Playstation now… Really happy with the Xbox.


I don’t think there is a place to talk about transferring coins or items.

It is against the terms of service.

The dev team will never move your items, and when cross-play is added the market will be separate for each platform.

I wish I had good news for you.

Welcome to Xbox!

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You’re kind of crossing a line with that statement into the territory of “Entitlement”. I only know because I used to feel entitled to things simply for supporting them too, as you do. I would love it if I, myself, got a favor or two form the devs (specially after spending 2 years making a 30 minute mini-movie for Crossout).

The truth is…the devs never came up to you and said “Hey can you do us a favor and support our game a much as possible. Thanks, I own you one!” Nope.

I get it. I do. I spent nearly $3000 of my own money on the assets to create that mini-movie. What did they do to show their appreciation for me? One of the rigs I used in the mini-movie, they put in the shop recently (the Furia pack). Did I get one for free? Nope. BUT…I DID pay for the $65 dollar pack :slight_smile:

Appreciation for things gets shown in weird ways.

Ugh… I am not asking for anything… All the coins I earned and paid for. I just want them “transfered”. But they do not have any cross-save technology like the majority of MMO games. I am not asking for something because I did something, like you. They made the game grindy because it’s free-to-play, they made the progress incredibly slow. Nothing wrong with that. What I am asking for is for them to give me the credits so I can continue enjoying the game, because simply I might not have the time to earn everything back, to make those big raid machines like I used to have to have different weapons and blueprints. I simply don’t have as much time to play anymore so I might not play at all if I have to start from zero…
It’s not entitlement. Why do you think the game is still around and full of updates? Because me, you and others paid for it. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s just how it is.

Look at it, this way: if they want to do it what you’re asking for they have to delegte at least one person to track and check everything you have on ur PS acc, then they have to find ur acc on Xbox and add ur stuff overthere , everytime they have to ask platform owners (Sony, Microsoft) if they can authorize it, and thats not all ,theres more things around it.
Do you rly think such small Russian developer will care about one player like you? They dont care about more important things and they will not do it for you.

Another thing is that ,Xbox has much smaller playerbase than PS, from all platforms ppl are leaving crossout due to last changes in game, last weeks this game is going down like never before, if I was you I will just stop that dying garbage and find another game.

EDIT: Why do you hate PS? Just curious



“People are leaving Crossout” … “Playerbase is so small that they fill the lobbies with bots”

These phrases are funny to me. Not in a disrespectful way.

I uploaded the image of my trophies just to show you when I got them and which ones. I’ve been playing since the release day on PS4. And I promise to you that people have been sayin all these things since that day back in 2017. People were saying that nobody is playing the game, that people are leaving, and specifically that the “last update” will make people leave. All of it. I remember when they nerfed the shotgun behind the cabin placement, I remember how much people hated when they first introduced the Dawn’s Children and the hovers, that hovers do not belong in this game. I heard everything. But surprisingly the game is alive, the game has changed a lot and people are still playing, even on Xbox. So that’s why it’s funny to me to hear you say the exact same things I heard on the old forum, my profile go transferred but all my info stayed on the old forum.

I don’t want to talk about the PlayStation in detail, this is not the place for it. I just said I am not interested in getting a PS5 again any time soon.

Anyway, I am going to post a picture of my profile once I re-download Crossout on PS4 just to show I am not a liar. And then I would like to stop this conversation. I heard enough of opinions of players, I would like the mods or the devs to look at my situation and give me an answer. I am not really interested in what people have to say about me or my situation. That’s it.

Ok last attempt to have the attention of someone, like mods or devs. Posting a picture of my TV, so as to prove there is no edits. If it’s possible then cool, if not then whatever. I just ask for no more opinions please from users. I thank you for your opinions and everything, but I think I get the idea: “It’s not possible, Forget it…etc” I get it. But I try, I don’t give up, it’s my choice. Thank you. Here is a pic of my account’s value. Thank you for participating in this topic.

The dev team does not read or come to the forum. The only people that can respond are us.

Transfers are against the TOS. It does not mater how long you have played. No one will transfer your stuff.

The only thing you could do is get someone on Xbox that is going to PS4 to help you. But as I said in another post, those kinds of conversation will get you in trouble.

Hope to see you around Xbox Crossout!

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Yes ppl are leaving crossout, if you dont see it you’re blind. Just look at CW ranking ,all top clans stopped playing.

You said you’ve heard and seen everything during your 5yr career in crossout but still after 5yrs ur inventory is only 45k, tbh I’ve never seen your name in xo, for me it looks like you somehow got this PS acc and you want to get all coins from there to Xbox and maybe transfer them later to your main acc :crazy_face:

Buddy, you need to relax. Please learn to live in reality. Everything you said is some kind of delusions. You don’t know me, you don’t understand what I am saying (maybe because of English) and yet you are judging me and accusing me of some strange things.

Maybe play video games less…

I don’t like being in the position where I have to explain myself. But I don’t know this new forum, and I don’t know the people here, maybe everyone is like you…

I haven’t played the game in 3 years (or more). All these coins I got in the first year or two. I haven’t played since. I used to work on a different schedule and had A LOT of time at nights, as you can see a lot of my trophies are earned at night. I do not have the time to play like that any more. I am an adult with a busy life. I wanted to come back to Crossout because I got the new Xbox not too long ago and saw this game and downloaded it, but then I realized how much time it would take to earn everything and decided that I don’t have this time anymore. So I sent an email to the devs, but they never answered, so I came here because in the old forum the devs participated in it and you could talk to them .

Anyway… I am probably never going to come back here again because I don’t think I will have the time to grind all over again. I will try though.

You can believe what you want, just remember that YOU have to live in the reality that you believe, not me. If you think I somehow got this account (even though I have the SAME user name, here, on Playstation and on Xbox…) then good, you can believe that. Just remember that living in the fantasy world usually makes people crazy. Take care.