Please Just Stop

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Lol, this :100:

Family always fight. Then they forgive each other and move on with their lives.

None of this stuff maters anyways :slight_smile:

This is the way :slight_smile:


It wasn’t me. I have no friends :stuck_out_tongue:
I just kill everybody and their friends in missions.

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They say, truth is born in disputes.

But only in case if people are willing to find the “truth” and not just trying to justify their point of view.

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I don’t even bother ignoring people on the forum. I am an adult and capable of not reading things I don’t care about or does not have pertinent information. I understand half of every interaction is not the other side.

I am sorry to hear you are having an unpleasant time dealing with messaging.

Unlike you, the people I disagree with are not my favorite people. People that play the game to have fun are my favorite people.
This includes people I agree with and people I disagree with on a regular basis.

Nearly every person has at some point in at least one thread stated something that I found value in.


Yep. Happened to me too. Felt weird until I figured out what’s going on here. Some random guy you never talked to start talking to you with barely hidden grudge, trying to make it look like he’s talking on topic theme, evade bad language not to get banned. And if you didn’t start with kissing hands to the right ladies you find a bunch of monkeys throwing dung at you. And in general most people here just pretend to be civil to avoid ban.
Idk what there even to discuss on this forum. Devs don’t use it for feedback. People rarely ask here actual questions. It’s just whine and naive ideas “how I think the game should be” all the way.

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As hostile as that sounds to my ears as a regular of the forum, I get it. I don’t really disagree, either.

Well, there are very in-depth conversations about strategies - both in building and playstyle. I’ve learned more about the game and how it works from these bunch of knuckleheads than I could have ever hoped to learn via some pro-account having Youtuber, FB or the dumpster fire that is Reddit.

I’ve specifically learned a lot about building strategically… The EAB thread and “show us your builds” thread are popular for good reason.

“Show us your gameplay” is also very good. I learn more from watching other REAL PLAYERS play and re-watching my own matches than I ever could from JBrider or any of the other promo-account dudes on FB. No disrespect to what they’re doing, but I’m not going to learn much from a dude who has multiple fusions of every relic in the game that he got for free. The game he’s playing is NOT the game I’m playing.

Thx. for your feedback… we’d do well to take it seriously.

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I used to believe this as well.

A few of the last patches have proven that to not be the case.

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Lol, he still can’t stop. It’s hilarious. :rofl:

Conspiracy Theorist at its best.





Haha, wacky old man, I do speak like a wacky old man even though I’m only 23, but 14 year old girls are no more advanced than us


Whoever flagged this thread probably sent me a message & I ignored them. :joy:

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