Please Nerf Flash

This weapon is a bit overpowered. The amount of 12 stacks of %6 power reduction is too much. Yall wanna nerf dogs? Well stop beating around the bush, get to the meat of the issue. Thats the Flash. Every dog has one. But more importantly what do you do when someone is running 4 flashes? Theres no counter to that in a 1v1 unless youve got a flash yourself. Otherwise, the guy with 4 flashes can run circles around you and youre just stuck in place, cnt move, doesnt matter the movement part, vut spiders and hovers suffer the most. The flash needs a heavy nerf. 6Ă—12 = 72% power reduction . Thats insane, literally cant move or fight back against this.


Flash is the most broken thing in the game. Prevents you from escaping, prevents you from defending yourself, best utility out of all the weapons in the game, and it even deals good damage and requires zero skill to boot.

3 porcs 1 Flash biggest IQ build in the game.


If anything buff flashes and buff dogs… No reason to make things any easier for lazy camping players… look at the top 10 clans… they all run hovers and spiders… stop complaining and get good…


It’s very easy to take the weapons off the flash builds, they can’t even hide them and they’re too big to miss the target

Flash cripple ja, but on their own alone theyre useless damage wise, its pairing them with other weapons that is the issue not the weapon itself.

[quote=“Clebardman, post:2, topic:2247”]
(3 porcs 1 Flash biggest IQ build in the game.3 porcs 1 Flash biggest IQ build in the game.) Skill :smiley: NO BOT
W-A-D - SPACE no skill firebug flash I

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The problem is not the flash which is why dogs are so good. The problem is that you could in the past counter dogs by using Kapkans. BUT the introduction of the Interceptor and Argus there is nothing that can slow them down. Also the flash and spark counter but at least they cannot be cloaked when they use it.


Kapkans are garbage and I’m glad they’re dying. Rewatched a video from 2021 recently, dude was like “You need at least 3 kapkans for CW”. Hundreds of items, and you needed multiple of the same OP crap because of dreadful balancing.

Melees can also be defeated quite easily on wheels with proper coordination and driving, so I’m not sure why anybody misses Kap. If there’s one thing I don’t miss, it’s being unable to drive because of some smoothbrain garbage item that takes no skill whatsoever to use. Grab a Trombone and push those melees away instead.

Now if we could just get rid of those King Kapkan builds using their mines as melee weapons… (^%

Fire dog are not easily countered by wheels…a triple Draco build does 1,000 damage per second. Sure teamwork helps as it does in getting around Kapkans…just cloak and they don’t fire. As for mine draggers…a Spark or flash or interceptor as stated makes the useless.
I was not saying Kapkans are great but they were one counter to dog builds. I have not seen what video you was watching from 2021 but i have been playing Clanwars for 4 years so I have noticed a huge change in the game in that time.

kapkans arent garbage, they are a DEFENSIVE WEAPON. they are meant to be used for defense.
and no, melee builds cannot be so easily defeated on wheels. even if your a good driver and whatnot, the melee builds can rip you to shreds should they close that distance. fire builds really have no skill to use, its just hold forward and hold the fire button till their dead and move to the next target.

you wondering into kapkans sounds like a you problem, my arbiters shred those kapkans. but i dont play pvp so idk how many people still use them. im not in a clan anymore either. i still use a kapkan in pve and it somwhat works… unless the bot can hit stupidly close to itself despite going against the games code and hitting the kapkan from a stupidly close distance…

“grab a trombone and push those melees away instead” with what? the exhaust comming from the missiles firing out of the silo? melee builds aint gonna be scared of a few rockets and even then 95% of all melee builds have cloaks. trombones are useless against them.

i say bring back typhoons old perk of disabling controls of your vehicle for a second. that was a decent counter to them and allowed you to reposition and get off a few shots on them.

Tons of weapons can deal with melees once they reach CQC tho… And it’d be pretty dumb if Typhoons could 1v1 dedicated CQC builds at 3 meters lol.

You push em with your wheels, duh. The average melee weights 12 tons and has like 5 wheels, just yeet em out of the way as a team instead of all struggling vs your opponents and f*cking dying lol. Everytime we push people in CQC, we notice they have close to zero coordination and are completely incapable of fighting as a team in melee. Jeez, I engaged two fused scorps hovers yesterday with Whirls, I demolished them so hard the dudes might as well not have a minimap and discord lol. The whole enemy team legit watched me murder a build that costed 5 times my inventory value, just because they have no clue about what to do in CQC, it was hilarious. God knows how they fused their relics. If it was by farming uranium, they got hardcarried for thousand games lmao. Tells a lot about how “good” you need to be to farm ura in this game.

Regarding trombone, melees are the easiest ones to nail with it lol. Wait for em to crash into your team, they can’t move or cloak, free Trombone shots.

Regarding the “bring back Typhoon’s OP af perk”… Yeah, no. If I believe Kapkan, an epic premium item, shouldn’t be the single counter to a whole strat, you can guess what I’ll think of Typhoon, a relic, being the only counter to a whole strat.

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typhoon old perk overpowered? oh please, look at breakers and how broken they were. literally the only weapon that could compete with them are other breakers and scorps, until people kept crying the anime rivers from their eyes about how scorps were taking their breakers off in 1 shot and giving them invincibility.

i think 1 second of immobility is nothing compared to breakers.

I was in a Typhoon clan making ura picking my nose with Crickets while the mates were demolishing melees, it was broken af…

wait until Typhoon friend lands a hit, blasts melee for 2k dmg with Crickets

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I don’t find flash to be that powerful. They’re annoying, but they’re nowhere near as bad as the Spark in 2018. Back then, not only did they quickly kill a vehicle’s mobility, they also slowed down their weapons reload. It was game over if a sparkvester made contact with your car.

i never was in a high tier clan though, i tried to get into good clans but noone wanted me in. those who invited me were in clans that didnt do clan wars or that only wanted me for my relics. im not gonna be doing all the work while others run around with cheap epic builds. its been over a year i think since i been in a clan. i just solo play, do raids, dailys and off for the day. theres nothing to really do. plus i dont have a good build for clan wars anymore. my incinerator build was pretty beast but they crippled my build due to the reload speed changes and that stupid reload module. id have colossus as its reload booster but now its just average.

UGH do NOT remind me of spark harvester combos. i hated them back then and constantly came across those in low ps pvp. they would just obliterate your car and you could do nothing. the harvester got a massive nerf but even then those memories haunt me…

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The flash is basically an anti META, almost actually a good numbers of METAs have a limited fire angle And a recharge cycle, That’s the meaning of the gun. What they should nerf should be the speed with which that perk is activated, since just by exposing yourself for a few seconds to a Flash player you are immobilized. But, if you really hate the flash players only use a machine gun or other weapons That they do not have a recharge and if they can rotate