Please rework the Market UI

  • I want to have all my orders on one screen. We have a limited amount of slots to fill so the UI should reflect that and not make us flip through up to 6 individual pages. Maybe one page for Sell and another for Buy orders. Even a simple scroller would suffice.

  • On top of that, editing an order seemingly randomizes the position of everything, and can even end up on a different page entirely. This makes my orders an absolute nuisance to keep track of.

  • Add a “Search” button to the market so that we don’t have to go through the loading process every time we click a filter. Let us add the filters we want, THEN load the results.

These menus are extremely clunky and annoying to use, please streamline them. It would be an immense QoL upgrade for everyone.

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With the bad changes they have made to the UI already I wish they would just stop changing it.


Don’t worry they added market boundaries/caps for the good of the player base and not to make it so it’s more expensive to buy or not as big of a profit margin

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