please unban StellarSniperX I know I get heat from the community cause of all the market scammers but you guys legitly banned me without a reason. I did not refund anything to get the market banned. I have proof of an employee error from julia showing on their records a refund that I can debunk with a screenshot from my microsoft xbox account. So I would like some mercy and justice for being screwed. we’ll keep it short and sweet.

PLEASE unban me devs that will be grand, Crossout player since Beta! Fan of the game…it’s not right that gaijin should issue ban on me without probable cause as to why StellarSniperX got banned in the first place. They said I refunded Snake Bite DLC I bought Snake bite first years ago, it would have shown up in my microsoft refund history over all years and still nothing shows up cause your employee julia made a mistake here’s a section of my email from julia…Hello!

According to our data, the “Snake Bite” bundle remained on your account. It wasn’t withdrawn in the end.

That’s what I was wrongfully accused of refunding why i was banned in the first place. unless you have the 3 oracles of minority report I never refunded anything until after the ban and only cause i had missing parts caused by the purchases.