PMPE - Let's See What You Guys Got!

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Nobody, eh? I guess that improves our odds of winning.

I haven’t seen much information on what winning really means yet.

I wonder what exactly is in the deluxe pack, or any of the others. Is there a new garage involved? What makes the deluxe pack “deluxe,” I wonder?

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I’m guessing
Deluxe = 4000 coins, two paints (red and damaged red), extra banner logo and background, possibly new ck for tires

normal = 1500 coins, 1 paint (just red), only portrait

lite = primer paint, no coins, no portrait, impulses replaced by some cheap weapon like white or blue machine gun

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I really hope stickers count as carving, otherwise I might have fumbled up
And the red color looked good at first glance but now, some days after submitting this, I realize that it looks like a tomato

So yeah I am competing with a tomato


I couldn’t tell exactly what the price was that they are asking for the Deluxe pack, but the pricing looks as aggressive as is usual for this game at approximately…

$64 for Deluxe
$33 for Regular
$15 for Lite

IMO, the value of these virtual goods is maybe half that, so I hope they present them with a reasonable discount, at least as an introductory price…supposing I don’t win one. It would make my day if I did.

Mines pretty simple…