Point for flying drones shot from cannons!

When are we going to earn our 10 experience points for shooting down these flying drones that are launched across the wastelands? I am so sick of the voice dude telling me, “Keep it up!” or “Good shooting!” and I get zero points!
Either shut the guy reminding me I am wasting my shots on things that reward no points or give me my goddamned ten points!
You know these drones, one has a red light and seems to shoot bullets, one shoots a homing missile that explodes a few seconds later. The turrets shot from launchers that act like the spark give ten points!
Give us our points for shooting them down already!
How long can it take for you fix this oversight?


Yaoguai and SD-15 Vulture!
“Here’s some food and water for ya!”
Then why is my score still zero?
Food and water, but no points!
Tired of it!
Fix it!

Drones should give no points they lame af. Always makes games 10 times longer coz some lame is drivin aroud for 1 min dooin nothing at the end

sadly in raids if you shoot their drones it only gives 1 point.
your saying in pvp it doesnt give any points?

Yaoguai and theres 2 drones that shoot missiles. ones a turret drone RT Anaconda and the flying drone MD-3 Owl.
imo drones are at a severe disadvantage against AI enemies as they target them immediately.


they should just make it so that the drones have troll faces taped onto them. xD

So, shooting them out of the sky, aiding yourself and allies, should reward ten points. All other Drone Destruction results in ten points, but not Yaoguai and SD-Vulture flying drones. Not fair!