Points in Confrontation

Hello, why don’t I receive points for my confrontation battles?
I’ve been like this for a week…I thought it was about opening a new clan but today the new confrontation week has started and I’m not receiving points.

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It could be a bug being there are a few timers that it could be tied to.
Timer 1 - season timer
Timer 2 - daily timer
Timer 3 - weekly timer

Both the daily and weekly timer haven’t turned over yet for the coming week even though the season has restarted, so I would just try again after those turn over too…

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Missions are a pointless mode to play for confrontation points Unless you do not plan to play CW/LW/Confrontation modes at all.

PvP points are so low that it don’t mater.

A well played confrontation mode will net you somewhere between 1500-3000 pts. PvP missions can not get this point ratios (explained in the patch notes)

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No they don’t. Unless you have low confrontation scores.

I’m playing the game where I get 1500-3000pt for a confrontation match. You can not do that in PvP missions.

And like explained a million times, you only have 5 scores. So you can max out your score in 5 games.

No, I’m not. It don’t mater if your good or not. Confrontation mode and CW/LWs have higher point modifiers then PvP missions. (Which has been explained to you multiple times in multiple threads)

Even if you do complete :poop: at the game you will still get a higher amount of points in confrontation/CW/LW.

Simple… (I can only hope)

The Rating always shows in the pop-up after battle, and in the History Log, not the history screen. If you have 5 Ratings higher than the Rating you just earned, then it will not display in the battle result screen, but you still got a rating, unless your rating was zero. You have to look for it manually.

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Because there’s no point in Confrontation. :laughing:

Get it? Geddit? :crazy_face:


Exactly, even a 2-man clan playing only PVP can unlock Rust with only 5 scores of 200 each. 1000 + 1000.

Ok this is the first day that I could check this for myself…

I didn’t score out either… Something does appear do be wrong.

I played for wires pvp:

The match didn’t even register for the counters:


@75149524 Append this to your bug report. @145971359

Seems like they just fixed it…