Poll about movement parts supercharged

Let’s say they decide to revert the changes they made to movement parts with supercharged (which they never will), which parts would you want them to revert back to how they were before? Multiple choices, if I managed to put this thing in here correctly

  • Revert changes on wheels
  • Revert changes on tracks
  • Revert changes on hovers
  • Revert changes on legs
  • Revert changes on augers
  • Revert changes on omni

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Wheels handle like dogshet now. And the ebrake speed retention wasnt a game breaker. More like high and low gear. Now its all poorly handling wheel builds whos only CW niche is face hugging breakers and firedogs


I loved the balance of everything before supercharged.

But at this point they have made so many changes and have so many more planned that I think that at this point it is better to power through it instead of going backwards.

Sadly there is no option for that on the poll.
The poll was made in a one sided way, it’s kind of useless.


Returning the wheel is good

I don’t really want anything to return to how it was before, but I also think almost every part still needs some more adjustments.

Biggest problem I see is how terrain impacts traction now. I like that sand feels different from pavement, but the slippery surfaces feel too slippery, and I think it’s causing handling that feels more like a glitch than something intentional.

I don’t like the last change to handbrake. It shouldn’t stop the car as much as it does now, but people who only use ST wheels couldn’t seem to adapt to only the rear wheels locking. I almost always use some non-ST wheels, and my cars were handling fine right after 2.0, until they amped up the stopping power of handbrake.

Legs feel better than ever, hovers are a bit too strong, and augers/omniwheels need to have their new glitches fixed.

I like the new controls for strafing parts. The old ones were too uncomfortable on a controller, and the new ones suit my playstyle more.

Augers need to be rolled back 3 years except for their increased melee damage because theyve been low skill dogshit since my days of dual augers. They were so much smoother and better back then. They should have added 2 new large augers that separate the front and rear drums which is why large auger builds didn’t work right.
Omnis got their diagonal acceleration cut way too harshly and my light omnis drive pretty poorly now.
Hovers need to lose the spaced armor.
Ive not been a wheel player in years but give the skilled wheel players what they want, however I think all epic wheels (including omnis) need a durability nerf because dewheeling has been a dead strategy since bigfoots. Tracks could have infinite durability but the problem has always been the impossible do dewheel fast builds. In exchange give wheels max reverse speed to increase their capabilities and skill cap. I dont play wheels simply because of reverse speed, wheels are a handicap to skilled gameplay.

There isn’t an option for:

I dunno. I hated the new bind to the stick click and am glad they fixed that.
But in general, I would prefer new changes than undoing work already done.

It keeps me logging in and challenges me with new ways to build. Building is the main reason I play this game now that I have variety.

Edit: And for TOW breaking bugs!

I wrote it using a translation program

It may sound awkward, but you’ll understand what I mean


I have a lot to say, but I’ve already left

So I’ll copy and paste the same comment I put on the patch on Reddit

I’ll visit here sometimes, but I probably won’t be back for a while

Source link => Reddit - Dive into anything

The content below is the content of the comment at the address above.

It’s getting boring.

Also, frustrating situations are often produced, and this is more than what happens during play

I feel stressed about the operation of the gaijin.

1.Change to play with a frustrating point of view at 2.0 (expanded point of view)

2.Slowdown of the overall cabin’s maximum speed

3.The overall deceleration of the acceleration of the cage

Since then, I have been operating a lightweight car, so I suffered serious damage and for about 5 months

Didn’t play the crossout.

And I started playing the game again a while ago, and I tried to adapt

It actually took a lot of patience, but I was adjusting.

But after the patch on April 20th, the game

He pushed ahead with patches of speed, acceleration, and deceleration

The game has become more seriously loose since the 2.0 patch in 2022.

After the patch, I tried to get used to it again for the past week

I think it’s hard to adapt to this frustrating way of gameplay anymore.

To be more precise, it’s already

Gaijin is misdirected and is believed to keep it up

It’s like Russia is trying to get something out of the war in Ukraine

I’ve done “start”, but I’m losing more than I actually get

They know that now, but they can’t go back now,

It’s like seeing the Russians on the way to ruin

There seems to be no hope any more.

So, during the 2.0 patch, I left my account because of lingering feelings

This time, I think I can empty everything and leave.

The next patch, the next patch, the game will get slower and slower

It’s clear that it’s going to get boring

Lastly, what I want to say to Gaijin is

Take a look at the other games and the game’s operations

Other games are a bit faster

He wants to show more from a grander and wider perspective

You guys are sticking to the old ways

You’re making something unpopular

Of course, the people who caress you will remain with you

Very few…

Most people prefer something faster, more colorful, and more grandiose

Most people would be crazy about it

Something that you didn’t make…

I don’t know how many people will be left in the game that’s getting slower and loose later, but if I can play again in a few years, I’ll try to log on again…

Until then, if there’s a game that’s getting slower and more loose…