* Poll..Same Bots on each Team? 💙

  • yes i’d like the same bots on both teams for balance.
  • no i dont really play the game i just play in the forum
  • i don’t really know why i’m here

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It’s just a good way for them to give less than adequate matchmaking, fill it with bots of various PS to make it look more fair… lazy

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I’m curious to know why they aren’t the same, and what logic they use to decide how and why they are different…sounds complicated.

Seems like perhaps they use a variety of builds and sort them for matches in an attempt to make the matches more even, but then that would insinuate that they have and use mechanisms to manipulate or influence the outcome of matches. If half of both teams are bots (usually are), then that seems like a lot of potential influence.

When bots start bulls-eyeing you from across the map as soon as the bell rings, what is the vanilla excuse for that, coincidence? Just your lucky day? Paranoid delusion? What am I supposed to believe is the trigger for that, supposing that’s a reality and not just a fever dream or brain tumor?

I think some of it is an attempt to balance things out. Often if there is a higher PS player there will also often be a bot around that PS too. Same with lower PS players.

And there should be vote for delete OP retchers bots and replace them for auroras/machineguns or treshers/triggers. Its really disgusting for me “See how retchers bots shoot 1 salve of granades a kill it half of my vehicle panzer build”