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What would you have more fun playing

  • crossout
  • Old classic super mario brothers 1, 2 and 3
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If not for Crossout, I probably wouldn’t play video games so much. Before Crossout, I didn’t.

I like to mod Fallout and Skyrim, but I’ve never actually played all the way through, or even halfway through either of those games.

I have an account with War Thunder, but I burnt out on that long before Crossout came along, and never made it much further than 3rd tier planes there. I do like the skins feature, though.

I did play the hell outta CarTown, and I can say I was hooked on that pretty hard, because of the skins feature. I still miss that game.

most old games r better then new games tho, many think ps3 nd 360 is old but to me its not old nd means they werent around back in the nes days lol

Mine not only still works but is regularly played.

my go to game back on the ps3 was juiced 2 nd resident evil 5 nd 6