Poor balance of structures

Fuselage has completely surpassed the small plow,But ps are lower than it.

And game designs turn a blind eye to them

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I’d agree.

Well, it took them 1 year to fix the garbage Syndicate bumpers… and they fixed them by breaking every endgame build that used them lol. (^%

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Looking at the garbage balance they do, I want to design this data myself

I garauntee you would fall far shorter than Devs trying to balance this game.

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my ass, they leave crap untouched for 1 year. Probably even forgot to exclude bots from the data they use to balance the game they don’t play :roll_eyes:

Balance is better than what it was, but there’s still a long way to go… We’ll never get there tho because we get 1 microscopic balance patch every 4 months.

Impossible, if I were to design I would be much better than them

balancing the structure parts is pretty straight forward. only factors are weight, size, durability and the form factor. only the last one is a bit tricky to get right, the others are pretty much just fixed ratios.

remember when there were only the old school structure parts in the game, around the time of the firestarters introduction? those parts were all reasonably balanced.

it was when they began pumping out way more new structure parts than before that those newer parts werent properly balanced vs the old ones. i remember unlocking those first pack/prestige structure parts and finding one or the other pretty strong, especially to be locked behind maxing a faction/buying a pack.