Poor matchmaking discourages new players

Seal clubbing clan groups who use shotgun wedges should be discouraged from lower ps scores. Lowering their rewards to what a single PUG would get and denying challenge completions while in clan groups may disincenticise these actions.
Matchmaking should place group vs group battles as a priority.
Perhaps enforcing a limit on the number of weapon per type each group can utilize will encourage diversity in playstyles in groups and clan wars). What I mean by this is in a party only 5 shotguns, 5 machine guns, 5 rockets, 5 energy weapons can be used, meaning only one shotgun wedge per group…this encourages playstyle diversity and not dominance of single meta overwhelming gameplay.
Just putting this out there as facing the same group over and over destroying new players is not fun or encouraging for growing the player base.
Please think about this as keeping new players vested is important at keeping the game alive and fun.

It already does. If there is open room in the match randoms will fill in the openings.

No. XO is good because this isn’t a thing.

90% of the time only one side has 3-4 member clan group. The other side is full PUG randos. You tell me this is fair matchmaking? The 3-4 of them running meta shotgun wedge builds. Then you get matched against the same group over and over and over.
You call that fun? See why newbies would quit? They just trying to level up and advance in the game yet face “seal clubbing” groups. You must be in one of these “groups” to be promoting this behavior.

I’m not. I’m vehemently against sealclubbing but what you’re describing is not normal expected behavior or you’re deliberately mispresenting what is actually happening.

The MMing doesn’t work on what is “fair” as in if A has 2 shotgun build B has to have 2 as well. It does not control or otherwise interfere in a player’s choice of weapon or a group having X amount shotguns in the group’s builds. It has 3 simple rules (More often than not condensed into 2 rules because more players are going solo than in groups.):

  1. You are matched by PS, ~ 1000 +/-.

  2. You are matched by player pool, you are in one of 3 player pools (<10,<30,30/+).

  3. If you have in a group the MMing will do it’s best to put you in a battle against other grouped up players.

As much as I understand your frustration, adding more rules to make the MMing fairer will just make the game worse. There will be far less randomness, MMing will take significantly longer, and far more new issues.

You talk like there is randomness? Like I said four group running the exact same 4699 ps builds. Shotgun wedge running against cobbled randos who barely got parts (most factions below lvl 4). My suggestion would create more randomness as groups would be limited from running the same builds. Similar to what Overwatch does with one player per class. Now why do you think Overwatch implemented that strategy? To balance matchmaking groups.