Porcs Are Back. Get Some Tracks!

Sleipnir is what Porcs have needed.

The Sleipnir’s max speed of 80kph is about what a Hadron with an engine does. Hadron with Colossus hits 78 kph, which is the same difference. You can hit 82 or 83 with Golden Eagle/Cheetah with Phobos.

The build is 6 Sleipnirs, Hadron cab, 3-4 Porcs and the engine of your choice. The co-drivers are Grizzly, Falcon, Phobos or Atilan. Grizzly and Falcon are preferred, especially Grizzly because it gives boosts to engine power, wheel defense and defense which are all things a Porc build badly needs.

Sleipnir Hadron builds are fast enough to rush, they turn so sharp that they can spin around in place at extremely high speed for close quarter brawling, and they have crazy fire resistance and wheel defense so you don’t have to worry so much about burning your wheels/hovers off.

That isn’t what makes Sleipnirs great though. What makes them great is that they are high off the ground so Porcupines can hit Icarus VII hovers in the face at close range. I got the 2 BP ones and crafted a set of 4. After about 20 battles with them you can’t wipe the smile off of my face. I don’t know which is better. 3 Porc King build, or 3 Porc Flash build. They both brawl in the way that Porcs are meant to be brawled. These tracks are tailor made for Porcs and are twice as good as hovers, Omnis and small tracks for Porking around.

Late season, when it comes time to cash in lighters, Y’all can keep your fused Nothangs and Arbiters. I’m getting 4 fused Sleipnirs.

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Porcs needed help?

As for the new tracks, I’m loving them… they’re great for all sorts of builds. I’ve slapped just about everything in my inventory, under-mounted, of course… Works great.

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I have a lot of ideas for these tracks. For now I’m just playing tank tracks a lot to get used to how tracks handle, until I unlock them.


To me, they’re a blend of the Big Foot and Small Tracks… Fast & high. I haven’t had the problem I have with small tracks flipping, either.

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Hadron with cheetah goes 88km. Omnis or hovers are best still

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I mean hovers have their case but Omnis are just bad. When you lose speed and need Omnis to spin a 180 and kill something they fail and disappoint and lose. Only hovers and tracks have that fast 180 and now some tracks are higher in the air.

I like hovers and bigrams for porcs.

I’m not interested in the tracks at all. Omni-directional is a must have for porcs.