Porcupine update

No fire puddles using Porcs anymore? They explode then nothing. No fire. Same explosion hitting teammates with no damage but damages enemy, then no fire. Massive loss of damage. Is this permanent? It’s terrible.

Lol what a dumb bug, dw as a whale weapon it’ll be fixed soon

I’ll post on Reddit bu tI’m sure it’ll be fixed

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There is a logical explanation: the fuel inside a porc barrel is used up when is explodes.

But even as much as I hate porcs, they should fix this.

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It’s pretty obvious this a glitch that came with making them detonate on allies (which is a great change).
Hopefully they’ll fix it soon.

Any chance the fire puddles are just invisible?


yup they just didnt fix the fire puddle yet.

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No, Just gone.

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Amazing. A bug does better job at balancing the game than Gaijin ever did.


I played a few games with procs today and the porcs blew up on allies and left fire puddles as intended from the update, how do you recreate the bug?

uhhh what? lol
ok so it does the same thing for me to. i thought this was a joke but no it isnt. no fire puddle.
i just dont know how to feel about the porcs blowing up on your own team mates though. i feel that this can ruin alot of things for porcs. team mates intentionally getting in the way to block shots, etc. but i can see it being helpful as well… just theres alot of cons to this as opposed to pros.

I could see it being a good thing in raids for people who complain that porc players steal all their points and disrupt their driving.

I mean that stuff doesn’t bother me, but I did hate getting stuck on top of an allied porc barrel.

cobras and jubokkos are way worst!! it happens with porcs sometimes to a degree but drones are way more notorious for trapping teammates than what porcs are. Porcs are small potatoes compared to drones for teammate sabotage.

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i dont run into these to often but when i do yeah they are. jubokko is a pretty big mine, bigger then kapkan… or rather taller. but still its irritating that they can stop you dead in your tracks.
cobras on the other hand are like a brick wall and i sometimes would get stuck on top of them. anacondas are the same because they are a bit bigger but noone ever runs them. still when i do come across them in pve or raids (less often in raids) i do tend to run into them often.

i have to agree here, sometimes id hit a porc and lose control or even flip myself but they are small in comparison to the turrets and how hard they can mess you up. its kinda funny seeing this giant tank of a car getting stopped in its tracks or flipped or wedged by a tiny turret lol.
funnily enough i used to use turrets on my leviathan when i played clan wars. why you may ask? simple. when a shotgun build or a melee build ran up on me id drop a turret, theyd hit that turret and destroy it but it would give me enough time to back up and destroy them with my weapons and allow me to defend myself and obliterate their build. why is this? because when they hit a turret it brings their build to a complete stop or almost a complete stop, if im backing up and they come up on me, i drop the turret, they hit it and stop (and sometimes have their front end bounce into the air) and by the time they gain enough speed to come at me or try to get away i have my guns fully reloaded and are emptying shells into them. its a great defense honestly.


I use to troll teammates from time to time when I had jubokkos. Aim right in front and they just come to a abrupt stop. It is very funny to see and just couldn’t resist the urge when using jubokkos. I didn’t do it all the time when using jubokkos just once in a while.

Since the update, pigs with rushes have become useless. It’s the only way to counter the current meta dominated by rush, an intentional imbalance left by the developers. This seems to push towards spending money in the game for a result. Developers should intervene to fix this situation

It’s funny, no matter what the current popular build is, people will say it’s that way so that you have to spend money. But if you can use that logic about every meta build, maybe that’s not actually what is going on?

When you’ve spent the equivalent of 600 euros for 4 relics and then an update kills them off, it’s really frustrating