Possible Improvements to the Build Mechanics & more

Mirror mode. Wouldn’t that be great?

Other things would, too.

I have never really played Robocraft, but my kids love it. I’ve always thought it to be a bit silly looking.
Alas, someone on here or Reddit mentioned they have an Alpha of RoboCraft 2, so I checked it out.

Now, in no way am I suggesting it’s anything close to being a replacement for CrossOut. It’s not even a playable game at this point. But, in farting around with what they do have, I see a TON of things the devs here should/could implement to make building better.
Mirror mode is obvious… making it so if you place a part on one side of your build, another gets plopped in the exact opposite side of your build so it’s easy to make symmetrical rigs.
Servos/hinges/axles… you can put a hinge on your build & mount pretty much anything to it. Imagine being able to build a functioning tractor-trailer! You can have powered servos that are activated with the touch of a button so you can do things like have weapons hidden behind an armored shell until you’re ready to use them (I’ve been toying with something like a bomb-bay door. This would be huge for XO.

Boosters can point in any direction… just sayin…
Custom configuration of steering wheels. So, this is kinda’ hard to explain. I’ll do my best. You know how in XO, if you put steering wheels on the back of your rig, they steer in the OPPOSITE direction of the front wheels so you have tighter steering? Imagine being able to configure the wheels to steer however you wanted them to. So, you could have your rig “crab walk” if you wanted. It’s a niche thing, but still clever.
Imagine if you wanted a one of those avia panels to be one block longer. Instead of the 4x4x1 panel, you could stretch it to 5x4x1… or shrink it to 3x4x1 with the stats scaled to match. One of the greatest frustrations in XO is needing to fill a gap, but having no part that fits well. This would be awesome for fenders…
Lifting, lowering the build… even moving it left & right in the garage. Oh, we can dream!

One of my favorite things is that you actually have a driver. If your rig gets beat up bad enough, you can get “deseated,” in which case your driver is thrown from the vehicle. They’re armed with a dinky little gun, but can then run, hide & “respawn” the rig. Of course, you’re not always “deseated.” You’re often just killed outright.

Plus, too, and also, the driver looks in the direction you’re driving/firing. Very cool. I have always wished XO had that.

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In direction of invisible walls over every barn and ceilings 10 meters high?
To fly we have solution already, just some booster on top pushing opposite direction, tilts craft upwards and use regular placed booster and fly. Problem is there is nowhere to fly to, invisible walls everywhere. Devs want everyone to crawl in mud and suffer their melee abominations.

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They also have anti-grav units that’ll lift your rig into the air.
It’s wonky… difficult to use… silly.

I like it. :rofl:

I like it because they’re easy to shoot out of the sky. The copters in XO wouldn’t work in regular play because they’d break the game. They’d be invincible.

That’s why they should have left them be.
But getting to inaccessible places and launch tows and pyre from there was main application of flight so they closed sky for all…
Also there were reaper flyers, spinner flyers.

They proved to be primary target for pyre and hurricane. Some even complain it beeing too OP in the mode, all that while ground vehicle in helicopter brawl worked pretty well and rarely felt outperformed by copters.
So it’s more like this

They don’t want melee guys be out of job.
Although none said air melee can’t exist :grin: :grin: Some tried, it also worked to some extent

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Instead, they brought us a new and improved seal club and forced us to use it.

They do already have an articulating trailer hitch, but it’s a bot-exclusive for whatever reason. I’d like to have that, and think it would have made an amusing lure for a battle pass or whatever.

I just want more maps. I really would have been much happier with another map or even an expansion of Adventure mode to go explore, with my wonky non-rotatable booster car.

They are literally changing every aspect of this game, and IDK why. It’s not always an improvement either, and it reminds me of our chihuahua trying to run across the linoleum…her bursts of speed and lack of friction on the floor run counter to each other. We used to play fetch by just throwing the dog and giggling about that phenomenon. No need for a ball.

Hopefully these guys gain some traction in the right direction one day soon.