Post your anti 4-5k melee builds here

They are running rampant, something needs to be done.

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i thought the title said “post your anti-porc melee builds here” lol
but are melee builds really running that rampent in pvp?
do you mean up close builds / fire builds or melee like harvester builds?

Funny you should mention it. I just broke down and joined the horde. I couldn’t fight it anymore. I built a Boring Truck. I’m not proud of it, but it was fun. Sorry.
I couldn’t find anything that worked against melee, other than more melee, and a Skinner (is that considered melee?).
I’m thinking the Skinner is the key.
They ram your team-mates and and then they are pinned, and unless you can pull them off, or knock them off contact, they’ll just go through the entire team like that, one after the other.
I think they need to make collisions less sticky and more bouncy. Kids wouldn’t get pinned as easily if your car bounced a little. I get stuck on invisible objects sometimes too, and I think if object collisions were more bouncy that would solve some of these issues. Maybe you wouldn’t always be loosing acceleration if you bounced off stuff instead of magnetically adhering to things. That’s frustrating too, but that’s a different topic, isn’t it?

I like this project (defeating the Boring melee META), and it seems unavoidable. If you’re playing at this power-score that’s probably what you’re playing against.
I’d love to see what other people’s solution has been. I’m looking for a solution too. If I find one (non-melee), I’ll post it.

Do you consider the Skinner to be “melee?”

  • Yes
  • No

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I haven’t been playing down there, so I haven’t actually seen these trucker-borer builds, but I bet you could make a goblin tank at that PS that could counter them. Or go the opposite route and try something as light and fast as possible, and just keep moving. I’ve noticed that in the Crossout day brawl that junkbows are performing better than I remember.
Are Little Boys still good? I used to love playing them on faster builds.

Hovers bad

Relics bad

Shotguns bad

Melee bad

What’s next, cabins are bad? Oh wait…

I’d make a triple wasp, triple omniwheel on a growl cab. That makes it just under 5k. Fast reverse so I can get away from all that melee. It’s too clubby though so I never play that design. But it would do the trick no problem.

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So far, team work and any ol’build has been what I’ve seen counter them so far. Team work always is a winner, but some times the “teams” in PVP are so bad I’m convinced they must have a leader. It just can’t be an accident.

I love 4-5K. It was always melee, but not this much. Even I played trucker with borers before, when it wasn’t so good. But now I refuse to do it since everyone plays that.
I usually play machine guns. But since machine guns can’t chip a scavenger plate before one of the 5 or so melee guys touches you and sticks to you until you are devoured, I went two builds that wreck them:

1 - Fight fire with molten lava. Spears and go specifically for the melee guys. Take two of those out, (don’t even kill the second one, just blow up the rear so he can stay there and wait to get finished while making small circles).
2 - ADs… Attack drones and a fast car. Just make sure to stay mobile 100%. Don’t need to aim, full focus on evading them while drones torture them. Any machine guns player will make you feel useless though.