Post your Crossout issues here

post in russian, otherwise you will be laughed at internally and your ticket will be disposed of

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That’s supposed to only be for bugs. Cramming every issue you have with the game in there slows down fixes.

The game tells you to go there, and the url literally says issues.

It supposed to be a bug tracker. I actually suggested it the first day they gave us the new forum. I can pull the post if you want. It’s not for general issues and complaints, that’s the reason they laugh at people and close their issues.

there are categories for non bugs

Even other is supposed to be bug related.

if there is no other way to contact devs then too bad i guess

Well when the actual bugs get buried in the tracker, players experiencing the same bug can’t easily find them to note if something is effecting them too, it basically makes it harder for them to tell how severe a problem is at set their bug fix priorities. So when a player goes there and does the whole I’m going to just complain there anyway, they are pretty much just making their own ill experiences more problematic for everyone else themselves included.

About the only way things get to the devs is via idea submissions form and or passing it to the mods/community manager unless it’s a dev chat. That means making a good topic, coming to a fair consensus with multiple other players and forwarding it along only to have it then scrutinized again. If they like it, it might get through. (The mods and community manager use meet around once a week, meeting info via the old need mods applications. I’m not sure if that is still current).


Well, Doc, first were my Spitfire’s quadruple nerf, that was harsh, then i moved on to Ruptures…and they also were nerfed, then my SG medium build was crushed by the co-drivers rework, suddenly i saw myself riding a bike until everyday from the garage to the battles and back. i made my first heavy brick with gremlins where the update whatever 2.0 broke my guns and wheels, after that, my gremlins were nerfed, then i moved on to drones, i made two good builds but soon they were hit by the BFs buff ( that nerfed my builds), and now by the durability nerf…My plows, my beautiful plows… ( crying).
Meanwhile i was trying the Caucasus…and soon i got them, they were nerfed…
I don’t know what to do Doc…
I’m sure i forgot some nerfs along the way

Me sending the entire game file to them
he he

That dude is not one of my alts. I have a few, but that’s not one of them. I do agree with some of his opinions, but not enough of them that I think I should be confused with him…or are you accusing him of being long winded and hyperbolic by making fun of him in this way (seemed brief, mild, and to the point to me, though). If so, then touché. Two birds with one stone. Very clever. Maybe too clever…or not.

I know.
I was being sarcastic.
I though the title funny, i imagined to be talking with a therapist.
hence the Doc, as in doctor :slight_smile:

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I would have a hard time listing all my issues with Crossout on just one thread. It’s probably better to divide them up and take them on one at a time.

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How my blueprints get ruined every time they tamper with stuff.

There’s a crap-ton of broken hover builds on exhibition.

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How your ally bots are now so smart they cannot stay out of your way and drive into you like a human player does to use you as a meat shield.

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They need to update the bots so they spout trash talk in the chat, like after they aim-bot some troll build immediately after he spawns from across the map and cancel his schit before his cloned META cheese hits the floor…“Get good, noob…beep-beep.”


I am reminded of the creepy, but polite, A.I. chat-bot, that posts re-iterations of our posts here occasionally, giving the appearance that it finds our comments…agreeable? Is it trying to be friendly?

I’m flattered.

This forum is one of the few (several?) places I see bots (obviously) interacting in chat with humans. I don’t know why.

It might be amusing if the developers did build a Frankenstein mascot for the forum (probably just for reddit :frowning_face:) But, then it would need a better profile picture and bio, I think.


“Whatever you say, baby.”

Our robot overlords ought to just come out and admit it; it’s just them playing with their pets.

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Are you sure this was from battlestar galactica? Ive never seen Gauis Baltar with such a gay shy smile