Post your videos

Might as well have a thread for people to post their gameplay videos, so I’m starting one.
Post your MVPs, your Unyieldings, your zero score epic failures, funny moments, and any other clips of Crossout action.

I’ll offer up an unexpected MVP I got today:

Didn’t feel like I was doing much, but still got the badge.

Show us your battles!

I’ve been using the Hadron cabin a lot. I’ve always loved finding different weapons that pair well together. I’m also alllll about reload weapons apparently. I feel like Devs made Hadron cab just for me. Nobviously they didn’t… I don’t think… Its just the perfect cab for me.

The first vid is a dual fortune porcupine build. It’s a game where at the end I was like, “how the f did I get mvp there?”. I got slapped by a pure counter to my build at the end.

The second video is of an old combo Ive always loved paired on the new Hadron cab. The combo works so much better now then it used to. Thaaaaaank you Devs!

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Ps. I couldn’t be happier about the cab scopes. That’s another reason my tsunami/2x executioner build has also improved. As you can see the combo isn’t ideal for very long ranged shots as the drop varies and I’m using them on the same button, but at shorter long range it’s a monster.

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Here’s a two match vid. First one I did alright. Seccond one I saved my team from terrible pwnage. That hover Canon and hover scorp would have absolutely destroyed my team of I had left them alone.

Here’s some yangwang vids from today. First vid is two videos of me mvping. Yangwang op.

Seccond video is less descriminate. It’s three matches. The first match I get wrecked. The next is ok. The last I do some guerrilla sloshing.

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I’m not sure I’ve ever got Flawless and MVP in the same match before, so I figured I’d post this one. Total fluke match, not really an example of skilled playing on my part.