Potential console crossplay tomorrow?



So this was posted from a PS player on reddit showing the update history for their game today, assuming it’s a patch that goes live tomorrow… take with a grain of salt but seems pretty promising


Assuming fake but Praying. :pray:

One of the guys in the Reddit forum says he knows this player :pray:

Hence potential

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Hence praying :joy:

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Hence Hencing :crazy_face:



Well, good for you guys. You would have hated our market over here on PC anyway, and I have no idea how they would work out the differences in economics.

It’s a disaster over here. The market corridors suck.

For example; I can’t buy this paint for what the seller is asking. I can only offer 5.53, max.

Sale sabotaged by 0.03c. It’s so very stupid.

I’m still not clear on how this corridors work. Couldn’t you place another offer now for the actual sale price, since you’ve raised the limit with that other offer?
I actually think they should merge the markets, but give people enough warning so they can decide whether to sell lots of stuff or hoard it before the merge.

It’s not my offer. It’s some other guy’s, and I can’t out bid him (forbidden by the corridor)…and there’s only one left.

Like schit.

So what is the highest bid you can make?
I get why they felt they needed corridors on PC, but the implementation is puzzling.
Edit: reread the earlier post. You can only match that bid? How does the limit eventually move?

5.53c. That’s what I mean, by “sale sabotaged by 0.03c” The top bid is 5.53c. The sale price is 5.56c, and I can’t offer that much for it. I can only offer 5.53c (or less), which does not out-bid that other guy.

IDK. I think there needs to be more offers to sell (and/or buy?) at various prices in order to provide an average asking price, and the corridor width moves along that number, like a bracket.

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So if you put in a few more bids at that top price, you might be able to move the limit?

No, I don’t think so. I think it would just reinforce the average of 5.53c. I think if there were more varied selling prices…I really don’t know how it works, frankly. I just know it’s very dysfunctional and often frustrating.

I think it’s the larger number of lower bids that is pulling down the average. If you have the coin, you should test the theory. You can always cancel those bids once you buy the item.

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Went to the web address listed but it only takes you to the rise of the machines update page.

Yeah it’s set to show the latest update, I did the same. If it’s meant for tomorrow then they’re just pre-updating the game… most likely to test it themselves? But that would be giving them A LOT of credit.

5.53 is not the average though. The corridor is the average +/- some value.

I think Poony is right, put your bid at 5.53, and after a few seconds, minutes or hours you might increase it a few cents. At least i was able to do that in the past.

And yes i agree, it absolutely is dysfunctional and frustrating.


It’s possible they are playtesting it first. I know there’s supposed to be a January event (via one of their other posts), so they could be gearing up for that too. I had thought that might be tomorrow also as a lot of their updates land on Thursdays.

Ya, maybe. I don’t even know what numbers to pull an average from. All the numbers? Just the Bid numbers? Just the sell numbers? Does it include the numbers from the previous sales? What’s the added variable? Is there one? IDK.

What I do know for sure is that it is more senseless BS this game could do without. It’s pretty BS rich. In fact most features contain a fair amount of BS, and half the game is navigating through it.

There was only one up for sale, and it’s gone now, so I can’t run that experiment on that item anymore. I could find other examples like it though, and test that theory (sounds good), but it won’t fix the stupidity of the arrangement at all.

Thats really dumb and frustrating, I have not messed with PC market yet but on console you can definitely make that offer of the current sell order.

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