Potential wheels handling issue with new proposed changes

I really am just going to have to wait and see to form my own opinions of all these massive changes they are proposing. As a wheel build main, I do have one major, MAJOR concern. The physics may be arcade-y when it comes to being able to e-brake and spin a wheel build 180° in very little space, but unless they delete these maps with tiny alleys, it’s necessary for it to be arcade-y to a degree.


Because if I go down train side on Powerplant and I am guaranteed to not be able to turn around in that tight space, then you are forced to proceed forward no matter wtf happens next, or you are forced to put it in reverse. If that happens, I’ll be done with this game. No fucking way am I going to be ok with dying because someone cloaked in front of me with no possible way out of a small area that is hundreds of meters long. It’s a vehicular combat video game. Not a racing simulator.

Maps where that would be a major problem: Powerplant, Old Town, Sinto City, Bridge, Clean Island. Honestly, I’m sure there are others and most every single map has a tight choke point where a real life vehicle would never be able to turn around in. If you’re going to make a vehicular combat video game and have maps that are essentially large chunks of 1-way streets, you’re fucking up. Combine that fact with every other movement part being able to turn around in place (tracks included) and that would be a goddamn atrocity.

Disclaimer: I could be totally wrong about that being how it plays out. But I’m definitely trying to get ahead of anything potentially game-breaking before it’s shoved down our throats.

They honestly should turn all these ideas into a 10 step trial period where they change one thing at a time with the full intent of reverting it based on player feedback. And ffs, only having these tests be done on one platform that handles completely different from the other two is a recipe for failure.

Anyone else think they’d be just fine with them fucking balancing some weapons or shit once a week? Instead of saving up the mother of all gameplay shifts for a random weekend test before they shove this shit down our throats without consent. I seriously do not believe they intend to change course at all. I bet 90% of all this sticks no matter the public outcry.

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Are you basing your post on how wheels are behaving on the test server, or are you just voicing your fears?
If it’s the latter, isn’t this a bit premature?

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I think I agree with most of what you said, but especially that last part there. They’ve put way too much effort into this to just ditch it, and it’s possible that this update is only part of a larger scheme yet to unfold. It’s going to happen. They might cave on the controller issue, but I doubt it. We’ll see.

They only ran one map on the Test Server (Ravagers Stronghold) for pvp, so It’s hard to say how this will play on the other maps, but you’re right, the narrow corridors on the maps you mentioned are already a pain. I absolutely hate Sector Ex for this reason.

They ran alternate maps for the patrol missions, but nobody was playing them. I ran one, and I was the only live player on either team. It was all bots, and the enemy bots wiped out my entire team of friendly bots in a matter of about 20 seconds. I logged out after that.

“Don’t you think you shouldn’t have an opinion until it’s too late?” -Poony

Dumb as hell. It’s high level gameplay at risk of being trashed here. It’s out of your depth you see. But wait until the changes are made permanent, then you can lament. Don’t want to be premature, right?

So you are crying about changes to wheels that you haven’t even tested? Am I understanding you correctly? How do you know wheels haven’t been improved on the test server if you haven’t tried it?

Throwing a tantrum because you assume a change will be worse without testing it is the definition of premature.


I like the way wheels handle on the test server. It feels more diversified to me, in that some wheels drift better than others. Some also seem to peel-out better than others, and some wheels, like Buggy wheels, have very bad braking, while others don’t. It really allows for a lot of flexibility in driving style and options, from wheels with strong traction and good braking, to drift cars that slide about relatively easy.

I also like the rocking suspension dynamic, because it at least feels like it’s contributing to the drift in hard corners (even if it’s not and it’s just an effect), but what I felt had the most surprisingly enjoyable improvements was this combo…

It’s combining the strong grip characteristics and the center-rotation function, with the overall handling characteristics of the ST-APC wheels. The transition between modes is very fluid too, and going from full speed to a stop, and then rotating on the tracks happens very rapidly and smoothly. What I think this means overall is that cannons on turrets just got a lot less relevant.

I can’t tell you how OP this thing feels…
Strafing and keeping these big-guys facing the target has been made super easy on conventional hover builds under the new parameters…with keyboard and mouse anyway. Finding your way out of those irritating obstacle corners, that you so often get bounced into on hovers, is no longer and problem worth mentioning. IMO, conventional Hover arrangements got an amazing handling buff (on PC)…but that’s a different thread, I suppose.

The new “rear view mirror” is awesome too. There is nothing I don’t like about this proposed update that I have seen so far, other than the idea that it could disenfranchise console users. PC players, have nothing to cry about, IMO. This is a considerable improvement in the interface, and many other features, I think.

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