Power debuff got worse

Has anyone else noticed since the wedge update that the 90% power debuff is being applied to all contact instead of just contact while under a build. Now simply tapping against a spider leg drains all momentum. Maybe its just me but it seems to have gotten a lot worse. Personally wish theyd just remove it before wheel and tracks are completely obsolete.


yup,if ppl stop crying about stupid sht this would of never happened,thx to this they nerfed everything trying fix something thats not a problem,well maybe only to the whales that cry…got to fix rich peoples crap,they do pay the bills you know…

These changes end up making wedging, melee, and W meta even more prevalent and inevitable because now its impossible to escape unless you are a hover. If it were up to me all these physics changes would be reverted a couple years and I’d have collision damage go straight to frames. If you got a spindly hollow frame connecting your front 4 wheels to your cab and you crash into an enemy say bye to your front 4 wheels.
The only ramming builds around should have solid heavy frames, more durable movement parts, and more weight. The only purpose of bumpers would be to prevent parts from taking direct collision damage and melee weapon damage, but it would still radiate into frames, so no trainplows to ignore ramming damage with a light fast build.
It should be this brutal because that would be an immediate consequence that directly cripples people who actively ram others with light vehicles.
The skill in using melee weapons would be slowing down speed before contact to minimize self harm, I could even see buffing melee if these changes made it through.

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