Power lose with legs on hills

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Something is very broken with legs in hills.


I’m noticing it mostly with the new legs.
Came to a complete stop on a hill yesterday on the rainy map. I suspect it has something to do with traction.
Hopefully they fix it sooner than they did the omniwheel and auger hill bug. This one seems more pronounced.

I think its just fine, no issues here, maybe its your build etc etc. :rofl:

It does seem to depend on the build, but like with omniwheels and augers, it’s not obvious what is triggering it.
Some of my big heavy spiders seem to have few issues, but I’m seeing it a lot on a smaller build.
But that’s why I suspect it’s something to do with traction, as heavier builds tend to have more traction, and the problem seems worse on slippery surfaces.


Monkey skipping leg day

What @130898924 Poony said… again.

Same experience, here.

I even mentioned this a few weeks ago somewhere…


legs have had this problem for years and so do omnis since update.

They said they fixed it, they havent really, they just softened the effect.

I am beginning to assume its some design desition to balance omniparts, but guess what, hovers are unaffeted.

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Yeah, we had a thread talking about Omni-wheels before the “fix” - half the people in that thread also didn’t notice it needed fixed - then a few weeks later we had a patch.

Eventually I found some omniwheel and auger builds that had problems with hills, but I still don’t know why some had more problems than others.
Same with gerridas. I’m not finding problems with the other legs, or with augers/omniwheels anymore though.
Definitely seems like slippery surfaces trigger it.