Power of blue ray module

This is for a team mate to use this module on a friendly player or themselves that uses any lazer beams or electrical beam or orb weapons. If that lazer is red and it changes the beam to a blue lazer light and it shoots farther and does less damage but you can give someone who uses lazers to change to blue light beams for a more things hit from a distance like a long to medium lazer snipe with a small chance of causing electrical malfunctions randomly in the vehicle. It collects the sunlight and converts the lense to a stronger beam of distance but very thin lazer rays. Electrical orb weapons change to red and heats up the cab if hit same with flash and sparks and zap drone. Any electrical weapon will change in some way shape or form to longer shots,changes in color,heats up parts that it could not before with a basic attack. This will add a change to alot of played weapons but alot of players use them so figured it could be an assistance of a electrical weapon buff or heat buff or range buff to the guns you or a team mate has. Also gives nova barriers a small flame resistance in the shield if used at the same time the shield activates.

I did limited effort drawing but its a sunlight absorbing panel that converts power to a higher level on you or a team mate to shoot others with a different attack. Blue ray dvds is better then regular red beam with higher definition of detail and storage output so course the beams are going to travel farther. Dawns children power of blue ray module.

I actually think a long range laser cannon would be cool but it’s hard to explain away the ammo count and ammo box adjustments. If we pretended the laser cannon ammo and ammo box was a battery we could pretend a bit that it had watt:seconds and then go from there describing damage it might be slightly feasible. There a number of ways to play with it from there. Each shot could get weaker as it depletes the ammo, it could lose range as it depletes… It could be treated as single shots…

The orb weapons that you mention are completely different though.

I don’t think it would work as a module though.

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Yeah im still thinking this one out i was just playing with lazers and was like hmmmm maybe they would like a blue one to shoot? Different colors represent different attacks. Say a wider attack for green and a longer attack for blue lazers but yeah a slow depletion of the solar charge would be super cool if you kept on firing fast. Im trying to think of benificial weapons and modules that would go with the factions best for more crazy combat.

So the thing is useless on a cloudy day. Now we know when to attack your citadel. :slight_smile:


Maybe it comes with electrical wheels that recharge it on a cloudy day. Like the claw. Or hermies but at a slow speed recharge of course hermies already good.