Power Score Trip

Over the course of a few years i have noticed my power score level slowly creepin up…as expected…with new gadgets and toys it was bound to elevate to a greater number.

I just kept feeling my builds werent complete and that they needed more umph in damage or more tricks (modules) to get more out of the battles.

I think i have hit a PS plateau at around 10-12k where i have 16 energy points (i love u thor) and i always use all the points on all of my builds.

I just have no interest in lower power scores as they feel like empty skeleton builds to me now compared to my 16 point builds.

Has anyone else felt like this or are u happy playing the lower PS ranges? Id rather just concentrate on doing the best i can with the max amount of energy points… it just feels like the real challenge to me.

So basically with more energy points the battle gives more options and variables to use and overcome which to me feels like a bigger and more fun challenge to master.

If you have a minute can you please tell me about your PS trip and what it means to you. Thnx.

I normally do from mid 5K all the way to 15k. Much lower than that can be fun sometimes but I don’t bother with it much.


The highest I go is 12k and that’s just for raiding. I like moving up and down in between 6k-8k ps but mostly chill in a 7.3 rig.

What I enjoy about this PS range is the variety of builds…from planes, trains, and automobiles. This game may not be very realistic and I don’t look for realism in a game but, oddly, I like being able to roam around in “realistic” builds outfitted for war.

The high PS War Machines, I think, are a different breed. I like playing them for sure, but I get bored of them real quick. Maybe it’s because I feel it’s harder to trick the enemy in larger builds, and I like playing tricks on the enemy…a lot.


I used to feel this way.

At first it didnt matter what ps i was at. I was just having fun progressing and pvping. Once i got in to clanwars i never played any low ps builds. That went on for at least three years minimum. All i played was higher ps with the exception of playing on sumators and piercers because there was no higher ps version of those guns and i loved them to death. With the exception of those two weapons all i ever used was higher ps builds. Even my blue shotgun build was a 16 energy build.

Last year i made the decision to try and start playing more low ps builds. As i looked at my blueprints i had noticed i had nothing below 11,000ps and most of my builds were significantly higher than that even.

Now i have a lot of builds that use no generator and lots of sub 10,000ps builds. I have like at least 5 builds in the 8k ps range. My lowest ps build is still only in the 7k ps range. Ive actually started to love to make base energy builds(no generator). I still mostly play higher ps though, usually around 13k. At max ps i find it tedious. Theres too many clanwars teams up there and i play solo, so ilmy teamnusially ends up getting rolled while im left fightimg a four man clan team solo. I find around 13k ps the grouped up players i fight are easier to manage and my team doesnt get steamrolled as much. Im able to clutch much easier against a 4 man group at that range.

For every high ps build i have made a lower ps variant.


I find i enjoy playing ugly builds less. I get bored of them. I seem to be far more motivated to continue playing a pretty build.


I most like to play in the 5k-8kps position because the configuration here is the most diverse

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I played for a long time before crafting an Apollo, so I was playing low/mid PS for quite a while before trying high PS.
It wasn’t until then that I really understood how your PS bracket changes your experience of the game. If you’re not having fun, switch things up.
These days my builds range from almost 16kPS down to 5kPS, but enjoy 9-12kPS the most.


I like staying in the 9000-12000 ps range myself, that feels most comfy and “balanced”

Lower than that and you have sealclubbing and cheesing, higher than that and you go into full on wallet warrior territory and epic bought skillz

Feels like 9000-10000 is the most fair ps range in the game in general


I wouldn’t mind playing below 5kPS, but queue times are too long during the hours I play most.
Also I sometimes feel guilty if I’m doing too well at low PS.


I rarely play high PS anymore. The highest saved build I have is for the hard raids & Levi raid. It sits slightly above 15k, I think. It’s a huge ugly 5 wheeled slab.

There’s a satisfaction in using all your energy points & having a full synergy of weapon/weapon-fusing/module/wheel/cab/co-pilot set-up. You can’t get that much below about 10k. Having a pretty build that does that really makes the game more fun to me. It adds a level of complexity you cannot have at 7k. I get a good deal of satisfaction seeing my 12k build hit far harder than other 12k builds knowing full well it’s because all the parts are working together.

One of my fave builds at the moment is my Assembler build. Yes Assemblers.
Quantum cab for more Assembler damage.
Claw Wheels for more Assembler damage.
Power Unit for more Assembler damage… [edit - that one is not there for this build]
Hertz for more Assembler damage…
That first shot into an enemy’s weapon or cab is OP… and one-shotting enemies at the opening of a match just gives me tingles. The Gen-chat hate just adds to the ecstasy… and knowing I’m using one of the least loved weapons to do it… goose bumps. :rofl:

That being said, there’s also a level of simplicity and speed-of-match you can get between 5 and 9k that is also really fun. The matches are just fast, simple and have a ton of variety. Plus, the builds just LOOK better. When I play for hours on end, it’s never in a high PS build. It’s always in some flashy little thing covered in lights, exhausts, flares, holograms and some obnoxious chromatic paint.
For example, here’s one of my lightest builds… 4838PS, King, 2 Cobras, Cheetah, Bat, Maxwell, Genisis, Radio & just about every flashy piece I could squeeze in. At that PS, it’s easy to rush in, get some ding-a-ling to chase me, the drop a king & the two cobras on him. The cobras launch out either side on individual triggers, so they hit the king first, then get tagged from opposite directions by the cobras while I go flashing off into the distance.

Sometimes, that actually works. :rofl:

I rarely ever play much below 5k anymore simply because I end up spending all my time waiting for matches only to be plopped into a match where my 4500ps build is the lightest by 3000. No thanks.

And just because I know people need to hear it, bringing relics into a sub 10k PVP match is lame. Really pathetic seal-clubbing crap. You can justify it all you want, but that’s pathetic behavior. You’re winning, not because you’re skilled, but simply because you’re min-maxing & seal clubbing.

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Wait, power unit boosts assemblers? I thought it only worked for plasma emitters?

You’re right… just checked that build. It doesn’t have it. :rofl: I need to open the game when I comment. :clown_face:

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I really wish the item descriptions showed which weapons get buffed by various hardware/cabins/co-drivers. Like does hertz actually buff electric weapons as well as plasma weapons and lasers? And which drones are buffed by cheetah vs which ones are buffed by reload modules.

Amen… and testing some of them is all but impossible in the test drive.

After your post, I opened XO to double check that build. I don’t even have Hertz in there anymore. I put Falcon in it to highlight the juicy bits& make the Assemblers a little more accurate.

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