Powercreep, and... is it even worth it to grind?

Lately ive been wondering, knowing that the items that you farm for, are going to be replaced in function by a new but better item eventually, ¿is it even worth grinding for more items?

During all my playtime (over 5 years), ive seen many examples of this powercreep.

When i got my small tracks (i upgraded 6), i had to replace them with omnis due to the previous, being complelety underpowered. Another time i got grinders, but they nerfed those to the ground so i had to get bigrams, but what do you know, they nerfed those too, and currently they have added both the gerrida and the atom (ball), which are in many senses better than the omni and grinders/bigram.

Another example, is the Griffon which i got since i needed a light cabin since, my Favorite cab that i used got nerfed and can’t chase anything anymore, but you see, that one wasn’t nerfed but it was replaced in use, by the Kami, which has its own design choices which make it more usefull for SG’s (my main guns).

After all these anecdotes, i ask the same question, why do i grind for, its even these new items going to be replaced eventually for items better than them, right now ive been trying to focus my efforts into getting my 2nd breaker, but with how uranium price rises, i’ve no longer know what to do…

Do any of you know a solution to my dilemma?, that isn’t, just uninstalling, cause at this point, it won’t do.


Hi solution : i have everything fused.
So whatever gets nerfed or buffed , you either don t waste money selling it or already have it.

Chasing the items that currently seem better than what you have will always frustrate you.
Unless you are playing lots of CW, might as well play what you enjoy the most, and focus on improving what you can do with those items through modifying your builds, fusing, and practicing a lot.

Rather than sell things, try waiting a bit. Bigrams are about to get a buff, and anything that seems strong now will eventually get a nerf.


Keep it in perspective. Do you really feel you need that new item to be “good”? Are you still good with weapons A B C? Are weapons A B and C still just as good, just not as shiny compared to the new “thing”?

It is a choice the individual player must make.

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Yes. Stop chasing the rabbit or you are going in the hole.

I’ve got the fav cab also, it can be replaced by any other cabin if you are using SGs, after being collecting dust for a long time, nowadays it’s in a drone build (sidekicks), it is though and fun.
I could replace it for another cabin but then again it’s fine as it is. Way better than with SGs.

The Storm Chaser (my Hawk build) uses an Aggressor cab, it clocks 120 kph, yes it can chase…but you know what? It can’t pull away from a chase either because every dog and their mother goes 120kph nowadays.

One of my Heavy builds, (26 tons) has from a few days ago, harden tracks, it’s been ok for the most part, it can perform well against canons as all my builds must perform, it is demolished by scorpions, fortunes, porcs, or anything nimble but it does what says in the tin… Canons


Have fun
Repurpose what you have if necessary
Don’t engage too much in the “mechanics” of the game and especially now that they changed for the worse.
Focus on what you want to beat, in what you want to have (like a second breaker), see what’s the shorter way to get it, lay back and enjoy as much as you can

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That’s a part of my issue, im the leader of a clan, so i have to be active during CW sessions (except levis, those are asinine), the thing is, whenever i play there with the equipament i hold, the one i sacrificed things to have (and like to use), be completelety obsolete agaisnt those that just use the new items on trend, said items that if i were to get them, by the time i achived them, there are gonna be replaced by the next new thing. Some of my clanmates tell me to get them, as to achieve a chance to earn uranium (even though we’ve been playing for over 4 years and we have only got 4 pieces), but with how things currently are, i think is a waste of effort.

I feel like, im good with that i currently use, or used to use (kinda weird way to put it), i still handle them correcty, but there come to a point where the problem is not my lack of skill (i think), but more the difference between current equipment and past equipment, small tracks are weaker than omni, which themselves are weaker to the new gerridas, which for those is still debated, if those are weaker or not than hovers. Regardless of skill one could have, some will have it easier than others that can’t change instantly.

So… for “¿Are weapons A B and C still just as good, just not as shiny compared to the new “thing?”, yes they are, however, not in the basis in using them, to have them be equal or fair agaisn’t the rest, ill need to make sacrifices that will be in vain only in 3 months later.

But, i dont want to do that, i dont want follow an abhorrently obvious path for a cycle i believe is complelety stupid, i want to play what i want to use, but every way i go to, is all the same, from 9k to 3k, people are obsessed with reaching the pinacle of performance, and i see that it has been reached, so whatever is not that peak, is worthless. Said peak, i dont want to play…

Im trying to run from it, however is as the hole keeps growing in size, forcing everything inside is gaping maw. Back then, i refused to use wedges, yet i started to use the, i also refused to play on onmidirectional build, yet i needed to get the omnis, which were the more ressembling my beloved, tracks, and now were i finally managed to like playing with these, a new change is trying to force itself upon me. I could follow i and repeat the cycle, or not follow it, and regret it, since for how thing are currently, after this BP is over, said pieces are not going to be easily accesible…

So ive surrendered, i refused to follow that path and follow another that i hope will make feel more whole than the one ive been following before, i said that when the price of the breaker was a 24k coins, now its at almost 30k, am i supossed to be stuck in this path? as, sysiphus pushing a stone only to roll over when the end seemed near. I can choose to stop it, but will i regret it?

Maybe im overthinking this, im thankfull for the replies to the thread, ill try to reconfigure my options to some that will give me some joy, i want to play AC’s, Missile drones and turrets, Fortunes, i hope i can achieve them before its too late. Anyways, thanks.

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I have very little experience with CW, mostly because when I did try it I found out immediately that my gear wasn’t good enough, and neither were my skills.

I’m not saying you should quit CW, because you’re going to need lots of practice if you are going to improve. But maybe don’t be too impatient and/or hard on yourself for not being there yet?

I think you are saying you’re on omniwheels now, but feel like you need to upgrade. Do you see other competitive players running them in CW? If so, you might just want to focus on getting better at them and fusing them if you haven’t already.
I don’t think they’re great on every type of build, but they work well with some configurations.
Gerridas feel a bit better than them currently, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they get nerfed soon. Omniwheels still have the top speed advantage over all the other strafing parts, and their perk isn’t bad.

But if you don’t actually like playing omniwheels, you might as well move on.

What might be more effective would be to focus more on how your clan plays together, and how your builds complement each other. I don’t know much about that world, but I do know serious players almost have formulas in mind of how to combine a team of long range and short range builds (and other attributes) to put together a team that can counter various attacks. To me, that kind of thinking makes a bigger difference, once you get to a certain calibre of gear and skill.

You should designate a CW team leader. You run the clan, they run CW. You set the rules for the Clan, they set the rules for CW (minimum build levels, interviews the applicants etc). Part of being a good leader is knowing when to designate.

You should be telling your clan members what to get, not them telling you. Or your CW leader should be. You are the leader and responsible for putting together a winning team. Leadership does not follow, it leads.

Are you (or CW leader) making sure everyone who enters CW’s has appropriate level weapons/builds?

Again, I will point out, if you are not concentrating on relic weapons, you are not really trying to play CW in a competitive manner. (this alone takes most of the FOTM chasing out of your plan)

None of these should be in CW’s. Nor if you are worried about CW are these things you want. (maybe fortunes). In normal PvP there is zero reason to chase FOTM. Just play what you want to play.

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