Hey, so I was wondering.

why is it that every other build on the exhibition has that powerslide part built somewhere into it?
is it that good? does it have a nice mass to durability ratio? I need an explanation.

are there any other structural parts that have this god status, or that have a specific purpose that they excell in? let me know!

It’s lets damage through like the gun mount part and a number of other parts. It’s a pack part that comes with the favorite cabin or via prestige lvls in lunitics. I normally use the gunmount instead but some people like the other because it actually increases vehicle durability while having that feature. That feature works like this:

It’s not that it’s a god status part it’s that the feature of letting damage through is just really useful just watch the video…

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Actually this part does not work like gunmount, elbow etc., this part has a very good mass/hp ratio and very intersting shape which is very usefull at building