Preliminary review of the new update

I say, it’s more beneficial than harmful. Aside from the usual stuff I complain about. So, what’s good here:

  1. New piercing mechanic. Some forgotten weapons are now better than ever: turret cannons and some of regular cannons; crossbows; and a few “uncategorized” weapons feel better as well. Other weapons, mostly, feel the same. Overall it feel like an updrage.

  2. New resistances. Better than nothing, I guess. Oh and new structure parts, too.

  3. New BP is fine. It still gives you a lot of items: a leggo cabin, one weapon, one other weapon, a new car engine, 4 new MLs. Aside from all the decorations, paints, coins, et cetera.

  4. And new raid rotation. Instead of change on the hour, it changes every 20 minutes now. Oh and they got rid of one of the easy raids, because it was redundant.

Now for the “harmful” (more like bad) part:

  1. They nerfed augers and DIDN’T nerf Catalina! Was that done so people would forget about augers and try the brand new strafe movement part with limited crafting time? You tell me.

  2. Seems like 3 BPs per year is now the established model. But be sure it wasn’t done so you (we) could pay less. Oh no. The same reason we now have to level up more than 75 levels to buy ourselves a legendary item for 650 lighters.

  3. Reason is: they are going to fit a lot of mini-Battlepasses during the big one. And, while players will be “softly forced” to grind more levels in order to get them one (not two) legendary item, there’s a big chance they’ll see the miniBP and would want to spend another $10 on that one. And another one. And another one!

  4. And even though it will be enough to level up to level 90+ to get yourself 650 lighters, you would want more of them, wouldn’t you? I mean, look at it: Reaper, Retcher, Mandrake… what’s so special about them? Well, usually people use two of each on their build, aside from being low PS seal clubbers. So, you, the regular player, would want another one fused thing to be on your build. But what a pity, 128 levels will only bring you so much as 1085 lighters. Damn, that sure is not enough. Even for 1 legendary and 2 new epic fused legs as well. If only there was a solution… but wait, there’s an ELITE battle pass! And even if you don’t need all 14 levels, you can always buy a few levels for crotchcoins! That must be pretty coincidental all them lighters will be rewarded in such numbers. Isn’t. It?

And the ugly news:

  1. The game is going nowhere with that business model. They even have to stretch the already stretched lighters and smear in into your face or the face of anyone new here. The other new thing they introduces is the new Domination map for PvP addicts. And I didn’t like it, even though I got it only two times and won both. It feels too narrow. Also there’s nothing else to do, aside from new people constantly asking “what to do in this game”? Because people are used to good games, with a variety of activity. Not just one cloned PvP and boring raids. How long before they close most servers, leaving only Russian one? How long before even whales realize this is going nowhere?

The decision is yours to make.


This business model is very effective as a source of income. They are not going to change it. It has proven to work.