Premium 360 anyone?

It’s on sale now and i think im gonna finally grab this thing this year. Despite all the changes i still play everyday and enjoy the pvp challenge so it seems like a good deal. 40 easy gold everyday adds up.

Curious if anyone else around here does the 360 these days?

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don’t be crazy :vulcan_salute:


Sticking to my guns and not giving them my money, it’s been over 2 years now and I refuse to be part of the problem, or at least fund their bad, anti-player decisions


Ive played roughly the same average amount of games each day for years now and havnt seen any slow down personally that scares me.

I understand 30 bucks can be alot to some but i work and have plenty extra so its not an issue of being put out on the street because i was short 30 on the bills.

I just think it’s a really good deal if u still play everyday…and of course…have fun.

Boycotting Crosscrowns. Won’t use them. Never have. Never will.


Don’t do it.
Buy 90 days at a time or 30 days at a time.

360 days it’s a lot of days , you will be hard pressed to play it, you will feel tied to it.

I bought 360 premium days at WoWs then i stopped play it and started in Crossout a few months later i felt obligated to play that awful game again to not let my money go to waste, when it was over i felt free again and came back to Crossout ( few months before the new forum).

In retrospective i’ve never should go back to that forsaken game.

A year is too long, a lot of things can happen, buy smaller amount of premium time, you will free, with no strings attach to this game if you decide either wise and move on with your entertainment .

Well I guess if u still enjoy the game it is a good deal.

I see a lot of folk on the forum dont like what the devs have done and dont want to invest and i understand… but i only play this game and i play everyday for years and years.

I have no issues with liking this game still or the 30 bucks for a years worth of extra gold and scrap. Its breaks down to like $2.50 a month for premium. Im looking forward to getting this deal as it will help me with my builds throughout the year. I collect paint and decor and the gold and extra scrap earned and sold helps me get all the market stuff i like…and the upgrades i need.

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Count me out. Crafting during events still costs you an extra 10 spot due to the "special " items needed for crafting . I stopped investing when that radical cash grab took place. Being that I have seen the radical changes from the release of Open beta, It has gone down hill like every other Gaijin produced game on the F2P market has. No sir, I’m keeping my money . I feel sorry for the new players entering this game.


As far I’m concerned, i will never buy 360 premium days again.
whatever the game will be.
for me 90 days seems a good amount of time, a good proposition
I played only that game for years, I belief i started at 2017 until too late, i used to love that game.
Shortly after the premium time ended i celebrated the end of those shackles, then they release the subs…it was the last straw, i uninstalled that game and came right back here.

I cannot recommend anyone 360 premium time, it’s a trap, a prison, specially if you fall out of the game like i did, you end up forcing yourself playing the game to not wasting money.
I’m not saying that will happen the same with you ( i hope not)…but 360 days is simply too long

I think it just comes down to your personal feelings on the game…or everyones individually and also our own personal relationship with expenses.

I still like the game and i dont sweat about small amounts of cash. I care nothing if i lose 30 bucks…i will earn it back in a few hours and im not rich.

So none of thinking about this is scary or trappy for me. I like the deal and its the long investment that gets me it. Very small risk and a nice reward for my needs. I just dont fret about this kind of stuff. I spend today as i want my enjoyment now…i might not be here tomorrow…and if i am then thats good…i get to play more pvp crossout.

But yeah im gathering that hardly any here go for the 360 and i do see the frustration about the game changes so its not surprising.

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I did the 360 two years.

I’m not paying them any more money until they do some serious balancing.
It’s not worth paying Devs to keep a game this broken.
Voting with my Dollars.


im really on the ropes here about this. because this is how i see it…

i play every day because i like to just blow stuff up and use weapons, it helps take my mind off stuff. getting resources is therapeutic to me because “ohh stuff i earned!” if that makes sense lol.

but… at the same time im really disappointed… the past few years we seen nothing that new. we had events but they were timed. new modes were timed. everything they put in here was timed. alot of stuff was also locked behind battle passes and theres no more permanent recipes to do in here increasing alot of items prices by a ton.

i suggested they add new modes in but the reddit community shot that down immediately. if you guys dont want change that badly then enjoy your dying game. i just hope your wallets are big enough to keep the game servers running.

i tried warthunder but after getting killed more then 15 times in 1 pve match by bomber planes killing me as soon as i spawn in in 1 shot i quit that game for good. and no im not joking there.

ill decide if i want to get another 360 days and take the risk. but i dont hold out any hopes for next year. if they havent put in a new mode thats not timed for years then whats going to change now?

new weapons and armor and stuff is nice but common guys. we need stuff to do.

hell i wouldnt complain if they made the “rise of the machines” a permanent addition to the game and vary it up with different factions, but how much you want to bet the idiots on reddit will complain about it?
“boo hoo itll divide our already small community!” well what the hell do you all think YOUR doing? not wanting anything new in the game and keeping the same old stale modes with the same garbage meta while having weapons in the game that noone will run IS ruining the game. grow up.

the game needs something new in it.

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Replace raids with rise of the machines (cycling through various factions and maps). Keep invasion and patrol.

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You don’t need to go so far, Rise of the Machines sucks. It’s just too long, too stupid and don’t bring anything new

Operation Gozu, operation red light, Operation Radiance , slaughter event a couple of years ago were nice.

The rewards were better, we had to adapt our builds or make new ones just for them, and they didn’t drag as long.

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its not that long…

i dont remember 3/4 of those. but still my point stands, you think they were nice and enjoyable its a shame they didnt keep them in. i want new permanent modes that people can enjoy. sure there will be modes people dont enjoy but there will also be modes that people do enjoy. the only issue is the players… “oh but itll divide an already divided community” how much longer are people going to cry about that?

yah, the game has always had imbalances, however it’s just too far out of balance now for me to pay them money to keep it this way.

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Operation Gozu - you could abandon yourself to a killing frenzy

Operation Red Light - you have to reach the destination, you cannot be touched by the ravagers - tag play. A full traditional PVP build was not the best, you had to optimize your everyday build to that specific end or build one from scratch.

Operation radiance - you have to reach the destination, you cannot be touched by the ravagers - tag play. A full traditional PVP build was not the best, you had to optimize your everyday build to that specific end or build one from scratch.

Slaughter event, my personal favourite til now. Not only PVP should have the point system that slaughter event had which is very close of what i’ve used to play before Crossout, but all my builds after this event descend from the build i made for this event. You had to build a 6k PS combat vehicle.

oh yeah i remember that one! its a shame they didnt keep that mode. but in the words of the reddit community “itll divide our already small player base waaaaah!”

oh… that mode… i really hated slaughter because of how many shotgun builds i came across in there running maces hidden behind the cabin or just shotgun builds in general. they ruined the mode for me so i just never played it past a few matches.

i actually didnt see this one i dont think… either that or i wasnt interested in playing it.

i think i remember this one… i think i stopped playing it because my team mates and i kept dying so much. though i cant remember to well. it was a long while back. i wish they wouldve kept this as a raid or something.

IMO, they manage to make a few interesting things along the way.

In Slaughter i used gremlins and gobblins. My first build in that mode evolved in my hawk builld. and the one i made just for that evolved in my other builds.
I played all of them back to back.

This year the event it’s kind of lame and it shows, they spent too much time changing other things in game and for the game, that most probably they mustered what they could for us, it’s just not being too long and with less rewards but also it lacks the general mood / ambiance like the others had and in this event you can bring along whatever build you want unlike the others where we had to change the builds or make new ones for that particular event.

Being a converted build or one made from scratch i tweaked from the beginning to the end of those events

I bought a Battlepass once near the end, i knew i would be buying it, i liked the parts, the weapons, the cabs, the freebies i liked it all and i enjoy playing it.
Long story short i reached level 131.
In retrospective i should had bought the elite version of the BP. That way i would be 15 levels further.