Prestige level structure parts

I love that we can get pack-only structure parts by unlocking prestige levels of the factions.
Do all pack structure parts eventually makes their way in there? Could I potentially unlock all those parts just through grinding?

you can see what parts can be unlocked with a deep dive into the faction window.

Yeah, I know that, but I’m unclear on whether all packs get added eventually.
I know a bunch of syndicate structure parts have also ended up in the badge exchange menu, and maybe there were others I got there that I don’t remember.

Basically I’m wondering if I can get that Catalina grill without buying the pack.

Ah! I think the only car packs that are in the prestige listings are those known as The Four Hoursemen. Parts from car packs belonging to seasonal factions will show up in the Badge Exchange. However, there are car packs like this one

they do not belong to anything (Prestige or Seasonal) and they do not show up anywhere else other than the shop for a limited time. Something tells me the Christine pack is one of these limited packs. I could be wrong.

That’s weird, because I definitely have a bunch or parts from that last photo, but I can’t remember how I got them.

I do recall an event where the devs made EVERY car part available in the Badge Exchange, but, in my 4 years on the game, it’s only happened once.

Pretty sure that’s not where I got them. I know I unlocked that front sports car bumper in the last few months.

yup, im wrong. looks like that car pack is part of the lunatics prestige. my bad. Sorry man.

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