Prices LOL

good lord kapkans went up to almost 4400 coins on here!! LOL
im debating on if i should sell mine and buy it back later because thats ALOT of coins and i could buy it back at half that price later.
also flutes are selling for 700 each, i got 3 of those and im going to sell them as they are just collecting dust.
i know its gone up due to the pass but holy crap i didnt imagine them going up that high :rofl:


kapkan almost 3k on pc , flutes around 400 … kinda crazy how different the markets are

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yeah really. im on ps4 and the market prices on here are stupidly high.
the Athena is going for 9600 coins
kapkan is 4350
flutes are 700
yongwang is 2490
altogether thats 7540 coins just to make the Athena. lol not worth it imo.
minus the standard prices thats 2060 coins profit… oh wait i forgot the tax.
so thats 1100 coins profit. and thats assuming you sell it for 9600 coins which will indeed go down after the event if the gun is bad.

its not profitable at all on pc
6,128.96 to buy the parts at this moment
but the athena is selling for 6040

xbox prices are higher.

over 5k for kapcan.

I too am thinking of selling all the stuff I bought cuz it was cheap and I would play it “one day”.

Looking like I’m just going to double up my coins on dusty items.

Quick, someone link to that spreadsheet tracking prices on PC LOL

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I think I have ever seen a gun as much “Not worth it” as Athena lol

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Have you not seen the Ripper?