Prince of Persia

New Prince of Persia game looks amazing boys and girls!!! Just wanted to share with you wastelanders :slight_smile:

Seeming it is a ubisoft game it will be 90% off in a years time, that’s when I’m gonna buy it.

It’s only 50$…. If you look at reviews it’s well worth it seems they are revitalizing the series instead of cash grabbing. I’m excited for the music and action!

Seems they are returning pop to reg nintendo type prince of persia. I’m not sure if i played that or not but im glad they went that way id rather for pre 2000 games to get remakes first.

The whole industry is slowly realizing people loved those old games because they were good, and trying to copy games of my childhood.

Can’t complain, it’s a fact that games from the second half of the 90s >>> 99% of the shit that came out since.

Today’s the day! I’ll get the new mini bp in like 3 weeks till then gonna be playing OSRS and enjoying prince of Persia :slight_smile: cross play yet?