Pro players

Let us share our experiences with some of the pro players we come across in crossout, both negative and positive experiences are welcome

Today I played with a pro on the same team for around 3 matches who complained after every lost match and called everyone the usual stuff. So on the last battle I got yoinked by a lance right away so I decided to look at this pro and his supposed skills in action since he must be such a good player when he runs his mouth like that.

My man running a firedog killed one guy, the first one he w’d right into, but lost his flamethrowers in the process, proceeds to just set self destruct and not to anything else like even attempt capture, try to use his dog build to pin or bump into enemies or even use his self destruct to do any damage to any enemies but just completely give up and set self destruct and not move anywhere. After he died it took him about 5 seconds before the complains started how everyone is a bad player except him and nobody has skills and so on.

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Everytime we murder a scorp team in CW, and these derps swith to firedogs and luck out a win, I know how talentless they are lmao.

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Was during the Guiding star event, the special mission
Once i had the misfortune of playing with a well-known crossout YT, his trade mark was honking a lot and other stuff.
We were doing raids and we (three strangers) had him for a couple of raids.
What a dead weight he was, literally.
All he did was pinging the map and once he noticed that we didn’t care about whatever he was commanding because we were occupied with the bot and HE WAS NOT, he would self-destruct leaving us with a player less.
That diva like behaviour triggered me so much that i call him out and i ended up being suspended.
His behaviour would fit perfectly in normal, day to day, Warships PVP or even ranked battles were games are that toxic.

Pro super chad boss tips for XO master super players:

  1. Dont share your kills with slow losers - be sure to rush forward and dont let others catch up to you, its your glory!
  2. Demand respect! If anyone from your team is disresepcting you and bumps into your car, make sure to tech him a lesson and push and bump into him for the duration of the mission
  3. If you managed a kill, you are the boss and can go grab a warm energy drink, so use boom or lancer - it grants 2 advantages - you get a free kill and some loser doesnt get to play
  4. Demand respect (2)! If you died first, in a blaze of glory, use the remaining time not just to spectate but also to explain to your teammates how its all their fault. Dont forget to mention as many mothers as possible.
  5. Be sure to quit the game at the beginning if you dont like something or just feel like there are not enough meta builds. Its below your honor to play if something is not to your liking.
  6. If you lose - make sure to make a lesson out of it, scold some of your useless team-mates and explain to them how wrong they were. In general - cool kids spend more time chatting others than playing. Dont forget to mention mothers!
  7. Dont waste time building cars, just look what is the curent cancer meta and download it from exhibition. Car building is for nerds.

you have just described 95% of the crossout players lol

That’s the funniest part, eh? I suppose he’s been disqualified from his “pro” status now? That doesn’t sound very “pro” to me.

Most experts at a thing (whatever it may be) understand how hard they had to try to be that expert, and talk very little trash about the uninitiated…maybe that’s this other kid’s problem; he’s never actually had his arse kicked by real life, because perhaps he has never actually participated in it. Sounds like either his balls haven’t dropped yet, or he just hasn’t met the real world yet.

Gamer chat is full of this kind of scat. I like to leave my chat off, but if you do clan wars, I suppose that’s not really an option.

I do mostly PVP, and I try not to take it too seriously. A lot of the time I know my build sucks. They usually do. Coupled with how bad I am at video games makes me bad news, often. I’ve pissed some kids off, for sure, but whatever. Maybe cancer or poverty can put that schit into perspective for them one day.

Having said that, I recently realized other people might be trying to have fun and maybe I should take it more serious, just so they can…nah. Nevermind.

This guy was awesome…I’m not sure if I should post names, so I won’t, but…
He was pwning kids with that ridiculous sport-bike-art-build. I wish I could have gotten a better screen shot (sorry). IDK how he managed it, but he was wiping the maps out with that thing, somehow.

Sometimes I think I have a theory about how to play this game, and then some guy tears everybody up with something silly like that, and then IDK WTF anymore.

At least this guy’s build makes sense…
…but still. That build’s nothing special, yet that guy in that screenshot had just wiped out 6 players and was hunting down his last one to win the match (for us, because we were all dead with zero kills). He isn’t even smoking yet. WTF? He did that a lot.

He didn’t talk any trash either, as far as I know. Neither of them did.

From here on out my chat is off, so you’ll have to honk or something to tell me you think I suck in game. I’m not listening.


I blasted a dragonfly hover with an avalanche 100m away twice and he proceeded to flame me in DM’s calling me lucky, retarded, and that he’d kick my ass if my ps was 9999k instead of 10300.


The Whirlwind dude is abusing the building aspect to minmax hard af. Two augers are the most PS-effective way to get solid movement, Ermak is broken OP, and 11 energy is enough for two WWs and a Seal. The rest is all heavy armor, cheapest and most efficient if you can carry it.

Pretty good ride, but I don’t condone using Ermak, it’s a pile of bullshit to play against.

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…or has he just mastered the material?

I think the Monkey would appreciate the strategy better, maybe.

Obviously, I’m not into min-maxing. It seems like if I find something that works too well, I fluff it up until it stops that. I can’t resist racing wheels, fins, and phat fenders, I guess…and I’m not that clever, maybe. IDK. I’m not convinced you have to be that clever, but it sure worked for that other guy.

He’s using whirlwinds though, I like when people min max stuff that nobody uses, I know I’m looking at a build somebody designed to make and refine themselves.

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That’s what I thought, too. Nobody uses those but bots, and we all know what happens to those guys, but this guy…maybe we softened’em up for him a little (all seven of them). IDK. The rest of us got benched…I should have seen that as my opportunity to practice lesson #6.


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That’s pretty much their ideal platform to deal with their slow turning speed. I’ve actually been really missing mine but haven’t played them in so long.

the pro players that only every play the same meta builds, and when they lose they swap to just another more powerful meta build kekw

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It made me want to try one. I don’t have that cab anymore, though, but the Bastion does that gig pretty well, too.

It’s more the meat grinders then the cab being a good platform, though the cab does have a good perk for min building.

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Yesterday at CW, we met a team of cuckpkan hovers on Clean Island, the most hover-favouring map there is. After we handed their a$$es to them with our wheeled MastoDON’Ts, one of them PM’d me “IMBALANCED RATS” in all caps. I could tell he was a professional player straight away. That’s how I generally identify “pro players” - only play the most minmaxxed meta trash and then get extremely salty and send you PMs or spam the team chat.


Imagine getting your hovering ass handed to you on Clean Island of all maps, against wheeled builds that can’t even melee you in 3s.

Something I see often in Tin, is a bunch of garbage hover fused scorp players getting demolished by my spider kaiju. Then they switch to fused porcs or fused firebugs because ofc they spent 5k into the game, it’s not like they won their shit relic crutches given how garbage they are at the game.

Sometimes I wonder why I play this shitfest for boomers with high income and poor education. I swear 90% of the Tin teams are mouthbreathers who can’t play any other game and spend 5 digits on this scam to feel better about their inexistent gaming skills. The only ones who try to play with less than relics, we stomp mercilessly with epic weapons lmao. Damn, we even win 3v4s against relic tryhards, with epics. If someone asks me about the level of the players on XO, I have only one answer: “The what?”


kekw so accurate

Sometimes its a bit of luck. I accidentally joined with a 4k build into 9k game and as smoke settled I was 2nd place. Kind of had luck of encountering the enemies at just the right durability to degun or finish them on 1 overheat. It happens.

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