Probably a Good Idea to Remove the "Black Corner"

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Since you guys try and keep politics out of the forums and the game, don’t you think it would be a good idea to remove the “Black Corner” sticker from the game which is being used to make a “Z” (and to a lesser extent the “Black Triangle” being used to make a “V”)? I am sure you are aware that letter is quickly becoming synonymous with a symbol used by the Nazis in WW2, so you might want to get rid of the ability to make it. EU and NATO countries are all too eager to slap sanctions on anything Russian these days. No need to give them a reason to apply one to this game.



the twitter humanoids have arrived here!

Run for your own lives while you can!

this post is stupid because those symbols actually have nothing to do with Nazism and similars, these symbowls are used by both sides of the “conflict” to identify who is from where, who iis enemy and who is ally could be said, why they use them? because both of them use the same types of technology and armament, making it impossible to identify if someone belong to the enemy, or not, without using them.

(please moderators, don’t ban me, just ban the main post please, as it is a bad post that just contains nonsense to create conflict in this forum)


Relax, chill.

1- the guys making those builds put the V and Z in the same build. The reality is quite different, you have Z and V not both.

2- Z for snoring, it can only mean that, because if they were awaken They would meant Z for Zorro. (the Spanish Lone Ranger)

3 - Build a tank buster and go mayhem on them (if you get lucky)

Z has nothing to do with Nazis, apart from what i already told it’s only the last letter of the alphabet.

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Topic closed.
Official game position will be posted tomorrow.


Hello survivors,

In a game that is heavily based on user-generated content like Crossout, there is always a risk of people abusing this option to create something inappropriate to others. That’s what moderation is for.

By simply removing such parts from the game we will not prevent anything like that from happening — after all, there’s a lot of other parts that can be used for that. Such measures will only shrink the creative freedom that players now have.