Problem with Leviathan


I got a problem with my leviathan. I just got rep 17 and wanted to build my first leviathan. The problem accures when I send him to missions. After the 24h waiting I get no reward and it says: “The Leviathan has not fought any battles”. Does anyone know how to fix it?

leviathan battles are pretty useless. i have one thats 34000 powerscore and it gets no matches at all. i hear people say to get it to something like 50k powerscore or something and itll get in matches but i cant get mine that high. i just wish theyd give us more to do with them. the only things you can really do with them is clan wars (when leviathan clan wars is up but you need to be in a clan) and sending your leviathan out in invasion missions which, again, you need to be a high powerscore to get into alot of matches.

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I got 10k PS so Im far away from that. Hopefully they will change something about that but thank you <3

i highly doubt they will… for the longest time leviathans only had invasion to be used in, then they brought it to clan wars and it stayed, they havent done anything more with leviathans since and its pretty sad. why build something if theres only two modes to use it in? kinda pointless if you ask me.


Getting the PS higher definitely increases your chances at getting matches.
Even though Invasion matches usually start with a lower PS leviathan, there are more of them in the pool, so your chances of getting a match are lower.

Also, most people bring fairly high PS vehicles to fight against leviathans in Invasion, so the matchmaker is looking for higher PS leviathans.

So while you may not have any higher tier weapons yet, use everything you have. Put on every movement part you have, every gun, every module, and as much armour as the mass limit (or parts limit) will allow.
Keep sending it out every time you log in. If you are only logging in for a few minutes and your leviathan hasn’t come home yet, you can bring it home manually, get any resources you may have won, and then send it out again.

I’ve been playing a long time, but also haven’t spent much money on the game or played much CW, so I don’t own any relics. But I do have enough stuff that every gun is a legendary, and nothing is less than epic tier. It usually gets 1-3 matches in a 24 hour period, and that is on console. Occasionally it gets a lot of kills and wins a match or two, which can bring in a few hundred copper. But usually it only earns me about 50 copper per day.

Actually, there is a custom battle where you can play your levi against your friends’ levis, or against bot levis. If I remember, it called “Missions against survivors”, something like that. Each player selects whether they want to use their levi, their copter, or their regular car build. You can play it with up to 8 levis on 2 teams. It’s great for testing your levi build, so you can find any weaknesses.

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I send my levi out once every day, but it only gets used maybe once every other day (I play on pc). It depends how many people are playing the levi invasions, I suppose. It’s nothing you’re doing wrong.

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