Project Radiance: Lower hovers or give us taller Ravagers:

I’ve played dozens of these games and 90% of the time it’s just hovers at the end stalling because we can’t hit them and they just fly over the very low hovers.

Can they not be made taller to compensate for this?


It’s probably better to make the ravagers taller right now then to lower all hovers due to an event. i.e. just swap out their wheels.

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Yes, 100% as hovers in this mode can literally sit on top of you like they were a hat, probably adding a vertigo hatchet to the ravages build be good also!

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That would probably work too.

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I second this… Although, I do think it’s kinda funny they didn’t catch this “bug” prior to releasing the event. :joy:

The thing is if I remember correctly using hovers in the first iteration of this mode didn’t give you a major advantage like this time.

  1. the map had a smoother driving service
  2. Ravagers had no issue tagging hovers
  3. There weren’t as many timed events as in this mode, I could only remember 2, one 3 pillar gate and a timed gate, could be missing one but there weren’t 4 gates let alone 2 timer gates …
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