Projectile broken

Launchers that use this kind of projectile like the wasp, pyralid, locust, ATGM flute, snowfall, waltz, helicon, cricket, and hurricane all should explode but visually there isnt a explosion being rendered. Things like the pyra, the new lucifer, and other things like elephants and boom’s all still have explosions. Its just very odd how this of of all things was the next thing in crossout to break, ultimately it doesnt affect gameplay as AOE is still there for rockets, but its very odd to see a rocket disappear and do damage like that

I can’t get your vids to play in window? I can only get them to play via copying out the address. I would agree with you though that the explosion isn’t very large.

this is probably some new visual bug, the explosions seem to be hidden

its just your imagination lol