Proof of why legs are weaker than should be

Just watch a video, it explain all (and its even more terrible if stop on slope)

Posting so maybe somehow someday CEOS/developers will see issue, because it exist for YEARS.

Pure comparison of exactly same build, same speed, just wheel vs leg mode.


i thought i was crazy :crazy_face:
the wheel is faster than the leg?
ive never heard of this,someone should invent the wheel :rofl:

:thinking: if it was the same speed for both 'then why use wheel mode?
this part is meant to get you into battle quicker or somewhere,then use legs to stabilize and stand ur ground.
it’s doing what it’s suppose to do.

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you play dumb or what?

speed was limited to 50 just to proove leg have problem on slopes compared to other movement parts. (here leg vs wheel example)

i wonder if its power, like making wheels more efficient than hydraulics

potential 120kmh top speed vs potential 55kmh top speed… You know the modes have different top speeds, right?

You know its LIMITED TO 50 THERE for both?

Blind or what? Why people answer and do not even watch video.
And if you watched then you blind as hell.

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Not what I’m saying but whatever, not like I give a shit really