Proposed Balance Changes

Overall, the upgrade looks great (I am in the test server now) - with one exception:

I don’t want to refuse my entire inventory. I have fuses for singular builds, sometimes multiple copies of items for different uses.

Will there be an option to credit those prior fuses, or choose ‘new abilities’?

Lately you have been forgetting about your vets, making it so much easier for new players with all the free badges, reduced crafting times, mouse-aim, to the last free relic crap - I would be dismayed now having to spend, I cant even imagine how much coin, to refuse my stuff…

Just my .02¢

Hows the Reaper feel? And the wedge mechanics?

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There were no games to test wedge mechanics vs players sadly… But the reaper felt amazing in the garage. That little burst of piercing really ate up those stacked armor builds (one piece on another, on another, etc) - and should be a nice step towards minimizing ‘mouse aim’ type builds.


i dont think there will be. they said in the patch notes that if you have one thing itll be replaced with another. my aurora is going to be screwed very hard. i have barrel spool up time and heating parts 25% faster… well this is whats going to happen…

  • “Aurora”:
    • replaced “barrel spool-up time” (moved to “Handling”) with “damage +5%”.
    • replaced “rotation speed” with “barrel spool-up time -35%”.
    • players who had an upgrade for barrel spool-up in the “power” category will receive a replacement — increased damage in the “power” category and barrel spool-up in the “handling” category.

this is going to completely screw my aurora. i had a great fusion on it only to have it taken away. this means ill lose my heating parts 25% faster in favor of barrel spool up time and the previous barrel spool up time i had on power will be replaced with damage up. this is so stupid! the only way i can salvage this is if i buy or make 2 more auroras and fuse them to remove the barrel spool up time on it. this is so ridiculous…

Wedge mechanics are what I’m most curious about.
I know players will try to take advantage of it, but I have no idea what will emerge this time.

I am interested of the new changes make the usual machineguns etc any more accurate when in motion than they already were

One could say you’re asking for free stuff.

The upgrades are really appealing to most people and it’s a positive development for weapons progression. Everyone’s got to deal with the new changes, so I couldn’t call it unfair. Asking for free refuses is like asking for a refund on a gun after it’s been changed so you can get a different one… no?

Dude you have the fuse changes completely backwards.

This isn’t “asking for a refund” by the players.

This is the devs asking players to rebuy all of their fusions because they decided to flip everything around.

Why would they do that?
How does it make sense?

The only answer I can come up is they want dedicated players to buy coins so they can repurchase a bunch of stuff again to get random fusions until they land on the fusion they wanted, like they previously had.