Proposed TOW rework

TOW sucks and its implementation is poor and no stat changes will better it.

  1. 3d flight is non-negotiable.
  2. Tandem warhead, it explodes twice for the purpose of countering spaced armor, which is a natural counter to ATGM’s.
  3. Can be vertically mounted

Perk ideas;

  • The boosted flight mode (no control) causes the rocket to explode both stages at once with extra damage and radius with immunity to sparks and argus. The missile has to fly a certain distance before it will explode after enabling boosted flight mode, so a tow player cannot activate this mode at the last second before he shoots someone with a spark/argus or to simply get a very easy roof hit. If this rearming distance is not met the missile becomes a big dud that will deal bullet damage.
  • The rocket will laser designate a target it is pointed directly at, which allows already fired missiles such as flutes/pyres/hurricanes to be locked onto a target. Fire rockets into oblivion, fire tow shortly after, fly up over some1, lock them, and then smash them with flutes and then a tow on the roof.

Well thought out.



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TOW really needs some love, it was already a forgotten, abandoned weapon made obselete way before the superstupid update that only made it worse

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Yeah the TOW does need some lovin’ and some Mcnuggins’

the tows agree… :crazy_face:


I’d be happy with it as it is, if you could mount 2 instead of just 1. Because of that limit, I only use them as a novelty in bedlam to annoy people.