PS4 login on PC

i wanna log into my account i had on PS4 is it possible on PC?



Actually, it is possible, because one of my relatives did it about a year and a half ago. He started playing crossout on a playstation, then wanted to move to the pc after seeing how much better the controls and other stuff was. He had his ps4 account “email-linked” to a pc account, and everything was transferred over as a one-time deal, so now he has 2 pseudo-separate accounts; he plays the pc account exclusively.


The bad news with that is, he can’t buy ANYTHING for his pc account, NO packs, NO battlepasses. He can’t use the gaijin pc store to buy ANYTHING. Recently he opened a service ticket about that, and was told that they COULD sever the link completely, and he’d be free to buy stuff for crossout on the pc, BUT since he also plays warthunder (where he CAN buy stuff), and both his crossout and warthunder accounts have the same user name, his warthunder account would become “frozen”, that is, he’d be unable to buy anything there! It’s a convoluted situation he’s in, and it’s hard to explain it more clearly without cutting and pasting the ticket emails that went back and forth between him and gaijin, but the jist is that he would have been better just starting from scratch with a new pc account, using a different name.

Think about it: here’s my relative who liked the game enough, that he wanted to continue, just using a different platform, even asking how he could BUY STUFF for his pc account, and gaijin can’t do it because he started on a playstation. He’s effectively locked out of progressing in the game at a reasonable pace with everyone else because of this ps4/gaijin nonsense, and therefore doesn’t play much anymore because he’s in a dead-end. I feel bad for him, it’s really a damn shame. I know someone here who plays crossout using steam, and he had his account linked, and he’s ALLOWED to buy stuff now for his pc account, but ps4 players who switched to pc-play, are not. Total bullsh!t. :frowning:

I dont believe that, never heard thats possible and I got a few friends who switched from ps to pc, also the devs said its impossible to transfer stuff over platforms.

Well, they did it for my relative, and it happened. That was a little over 1.5 years ago. Everything was ported over. For the first few months, I was even able to gift him car packs and coins, but now I can’t gift him anything, and neither can he buy anything for his pc account. From what I read, it’s no longer possible NOW, but they did it back THEN.